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MSD Rev Limiters

Offroad Rev Limiter:
This Rev Control plugs directly into the 6-Offroad Ignition Control. It allows you to set an rpm limit that will save your engine from overrev damage in the event of driveline failure, a slick spot on the trail or missed shifts. The rpm limit is adjustable with special Weathertight RPM Modules and is supplied with 4,000, 6,000 and 8,000 rpm modules.

Soft Touch Rev Control:
For points and OEM Ignition systems
The Soft Touch Rev Control is designed to be used on standard points ignition or inductive ignition systems. This means it can be installed on engines with a GM HEI Ignition, Ford or Chrysler electronic ignition, any standard breaker points systems or even with an MSD 5 or Blaster Ignition (non-CD ignitions). The Soft Touch Rev Control is adjusted with plug-in modules and is supplied with 6,000, 7,000 and 8,000 rpm modules. When the engine reaches your set rpm, the Soft Touch circuitry kicks in and drops the spark to certain cylinders. These cylinders are fired on the next cycle to prevent fuel from loading up in the cylinder. This limiter produces very accurate and smooth, backfire-free rev limits. Can be used on 4, 6 or 8-cylinder engines with inductive ignitions.

NOTE: Not for use with CD Ignitions.

Soft Touch Rev Control - MSD 6T,6TN,6HVC:
Unlike many rev limiters which simply cut off the ignition spark, the Soft Touch uses computer circuitry to drop one cylinder at a time and then fire that cylinder on the next cycle to prevent fuel from loading up the plugs. The result is very smooth rev limiting action that "holds" the engine at the selected rpm limit without backfires, extreme roughness or engine damage. The rpm limit is adjusted with plug-in modules and 6,000, 7,000 and 8,000 modules are supplied.

NOTE: Must only be used with an MSD 6T , 6TN or MSD 6 HVC Ignition and is adjustable for 4, 6 and 8-cylinder operation.

Two and Three STep Module Selectors:
The MSD Module Selectors allow you to choose two or three different rpm limits that can be activated at different times. With this ability, the possibilities are endless. As an example, use a drag car with a Three Step Module Selector plugged into the rpm socket of a 7AL-2 Ignition. The different rpm modules are activated when 12 volts is applied to a corresponding wire. By connecting one wire to the line-lock circuit, one module will be activated during the burnout. This helps keep tire temperatures consistent and when the line-lock button is released, the limit turns off. When you're on the starting line, you can activate the second limit through the clutch or trans switch. This provides you with a steady and consistent rpm for firm holeshots every time. When no modules are selected, the remaining high limit is active to protect the engine in the event of driveline failure. The Two Step works the same, but only with two different limits. The Module Selectors can also be used with an MSD Timing Control. By plugging the Selector into a retard module socket, you can activate different retard amounts at select times. This is a great feature for engines being upgraded to a multi-stage nitrous system. With the addition of an RPM Activated Switch, you can use the Two Step to activate a shift light at different rpm. The Module Selectors must be used with an MSD Soft Touch Rev Control or a Timing Controller with a high speed retard module. No rpm or retard modules are supplied.

Launch Control Module Selector:
To help drag racers achieve even more consistency, MSD engineers have incorporated an adjustable low rpm stage into a Three Step Module Selector! This allows you to make adjustments in 100 rpm increments from the driver s seat! The Launch Control Module features a shielded harness for increased protection against EMI so it can be mounted within easy reach of the driver. This way, as track conditions change while you re waiting in the staging lanes you can easily compensate the launch rpm. The Launch Control also features two other rpm limits; one for top end overrev protection and another to use during the burnout to achieve consistent tire temperatures. These limits are adjustable with MSD s plug-in modules. No rpm modules are supplied.

RPM Module Kits:
RPM Module Kits include five modules in 200 rpm increments. Each kit is within a 1,000 rpm range. For example one kit is supplied with 5,000, 5,200, 5,400, 5,600, and 5,800 modules.

Adjustable Low RPM Module:
With this module, the user you can dial-in any rpm between 1,000 and 3,000 rpm simply by turning a potentiometer. Ideal for vehicles with automatic transmissions that are using the Two Step Module Selector to leave the starting line below 3,000 rpm.

Module Holders:
The module holders are exactly what you need to keep track of your MSD RPM or Retard Modules. Machined from a solid piece of aluminum or a new flexible plastic piece are available.

RPM Module Selectors:
The RPM Module Selector plugs directly into the RPM module socket on all MSD Soft Touch Rev Controls and accessories that use plug-in modules. The user can then select between twelve different rpm limits by simply turning the knob. Six models are available to cover a range fron 3,000 rpm to 12,800 rpm in 200 rpm increments.

Digital RPM Window Switch:
Are you looking for an RPM Switch that will turn a circuit on, then off at a different rpm? How about one for your late model coil-per-cylinder ignition system? Or, something for your car with dual coil packs? Maybe one for a Viper or even a Harley Davidson? Look no further our new Digital RPM Window Switch will do it all! This new Switch will accept an input rpm signal from acoil negative terminal (for stock ignitions), a tach output from an ignition control, an ECU tach output or even a 5 volt tach signal. Another great feature is that no rpm modules are needed! The rpm activation points are programmed by simply scrolling through the LED display to your desired rpm amounts. The Switch has two outputs; one Normally Open, the other is Normally Closed. It can be programmed from 200 rpm to 15,000 rpm in 100 rpm increments. It can be used with an input voltage of 9 - 18 volts.

Universal MSD Rev Limiters
Adjustable Low RPM Module$26.38  Add to Cart
Digital RPM Window Switch$176.60  Add to Cart
Double-Pole Double-Throw30Amp/12VDC$32.60  Add to Cart
Flexible Module Holder$17.27  Add to Cart
Launch Control Module Selector for MSD 6 & 7 Series$206.00  Add to Cart
Module Selector, 3k-5.2k$72.90  Add to Cart
Module Selector, 4.6k-6.8k$72.90  Add to Cart
Module Selector, 6k-8.2k$72.90  Add to Cart
Module Selector, 7.6k-9.8k$72.90  Add to Cart
Module Selector, 9k-11.2k$72.90  Add to Cart
RPM Module Kit Even, 10k-10.8k$32.10  Add to Cart
RPM Module Kit Even, 11k-11.8k$32.10  Add to Cart
RPM Module Kit Even, 3k-3.8k$32.10  Add to Cart
RPM Module Kit Even, 4k-4.8k$32.10  Add to Cart
RPM Module Kit Even, 5k-5.8k$32.10  Add to Cart
RPM Module Kit Even, 6k-6.8k$32.10  Add to Cart
RPM Module Kit Even, 7k-7.8k$32.10  Add to Cart
RPM Module Kit Even, 8k-8.8k$32.10  Add to Cart
RPM Module Kit Even, 9k-9.8k$32.10  Add to Cart
RPM Module Kit Odd, 3.1k-3.9k$32.10  Add to Cart
RPM Module Kit Odd, 4.1k-4.9k$32.10  Add to Cart
RPM Module Kit Odd, 5.1k-5.9k$32.10  Add to Cart
RPM Module Kit Odd, 6.1k-6.9k$32.10  Add to Cart
RPM Module Kit Odd, 7.1k-7.9k$32.10  Add to Cart
RPM Module Kit Odd, 8.1k-8.9k$32.10  Add to Cart
RPM Module Kit Odd, 9.1k-9.9k$32.10  Add to Cart
Single-Pole Double-Throw30Amp/12VDC$28.10  Add to Cart
Soft Touch Rev for MSD$120.70  Add to Cart
Soft Touch Rev for Points and OEM$160.40  Add to Cart
Three Step Module Selector$100.10  Add to Cart
Two Step Module Selector$89.00  Add to Cart
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