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Digital RPM Window:

Are you looking for an RPM Switch that will turn a circuit on, then off at a different rpm? How about one for your late model coil-per-cylinder ignition system? Or, something for your car with dual coil packs? Maybe one for a Viper or even a Harley Davidson? Look no further our new Digital RPM Window Switch will do it all!

This new Switch will accept an input rpm signal from a coil negative terminal (for stock ignitions), a tach output from an ignition control, an ECU tach output or even a 5 volt tach signal. Another great feature is that no rpm modules are needed! The rpm activation points are programmed by simply scrolling through the LED display to your desired rpm amounts.

The Switch has two outputs; one Normally Open, the other is Normally Closed. It can be programmed from 200 rpm to 15,000 rpm in 100 rpm increments. It can be used with an input voltage of 9 - 18 volts.

RPM Activated:

The MSD RPM Activated Switch can be used in a variety of applications where a device needs to be activated at a specific RPM point. By supplying a ground to devices such as solenoids, lights, beepers and retard devices the RPM Activated Switch can be programmed to activate the functions of these devices at any RPM. The switch can be programmed for 4, 6 or 8-cylinder applications. The RPM point at which the activation occurs is easily adjusted using the same RPM plug-in modules that are used on the MC-2 Ignition. No RPM modules are supplied with the unit and must be ordered separately.

RPM Activated Window: This RPM Activated Switch enables you to activate and then deactivate a circuit at adjustable rpm points. This is a great feature for engines using nitrous systems so the nitrous can be turned off just before the high rev limit of the engine. The Switch will provide a ground to activate a circuit and can handle up to 1.5 amps. The rpm levels are easy to adjust with the same plug-in modules used with other MSD rpm controls. It can be used on stock inductive ignitions as well as high performance capacitive discharge controls.

Universal MSD Nitrous Switches
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MSD Nitrous Switch Reviews
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806/09/2004The switch works great, just as advertised. The complaints that I have are 1)the kit was not complete- missing the connectors 2) the instillation instructions were not clear as to proper connections for the different ways the switch can be utilized. I had to connect the unit twice to get it to work the way I wanted it to.

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