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This kit is proven to add 8-10rwhp MORE than a regular intake such as the HKS Super Mega Flow. This is the complete system for Supras without any kind of aftermarket intake system. This kit includes the Max Air air box, a K&N or HKS intake, a custom rubber pipe to fit the intake, and thermal wrap. This is everything you need for a complete intake system.

Options w/o precut hole includes the Max Air air box without a precut hole for the intake, and thermal wrap. This can be made to fit any single turbo or any stock twin Supra with an aftermarket intake that routes into the usual air-box space.

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Max Air Air Box Reviews
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912/20/2004SupraNeeds one more short pipe to complete this package. Apart from that, the set fits in easy and quick.
806/09/2004SupraThis piece is a little expensive but worth it. I have seen guys fabricate something similar with stuff from Home Depot at a tenth of the cost. As they say "you get what you pay for." I did have to relocate the a screw hole in the bottom of the box to force it forward enough for a Greddy hard pipe to clear. I had a tiny bit of trouble adapting cleanly to a VPC adapter I fabricated but I'm happy with it.
606/08/2004SupraProduct was not professionally cut and made. The metal and rubber components were roughly cut and not smooth at all. Install and K@N filter were good. I would expect much better quality from the other components for the amount of money spent :(

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