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Megan Racing Air Fuel Gauges

Air/Fuel Ratio Gauges
One of the most important aspects of racing knows exactly what your car is doing at all times. You need to have the most accurate measurements for all the variables that your car is going through to maintain, tune and most importantly to know your car is operating at a safe level. Megan Racing introduces their version 2gauges offer extremely accurate and easy to read values so that you know exactly what is going on with your engine at all times.

Narrow-band Air/Fuel Ratio gauges operate based on the voltage readings given by the o2 sensor that is mounted along the exhaust path of the engine. Voltage readings indicate a lean (not enough fuel) condition to a rich (too much fuel) condition. An engine running lean will cause the engine to run hotter and potentially damage engine components or the engine itself. An engine running rich can indicate problems as well. Running extremely rich can potentially flood the engine and cause it to stall.

  • Stepping motor movement
  • (High precision/Quick response)
  • Opening mode
  • Warning function
  • Automatic zero position calibration
  • Automatic DIM function
  • High-intensity LED lamps
  • Red emitting needle pointer
  • Exclusive meter stand

Universal Megan Racing Air Fuel Gauges
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Parts Available: MG-AF, MR-MG-AF V2