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Mazda Megan Racing Aluminum Strut Tower Bars Zoom Megan Racing

Mazda Megan Racing Aluminum Strut Tower Bars

The Megan Racing Strut Bar ties the strut towers together in order to get out the most from your suspension to improve handling and stability. Each strut bar is constructed from CNC machined 6061 billet aluminum, very strong and last very long. Special unique style and the 1.75 width with 0.75 thick bar make them stand out even more.

Available in four different color options.

All Mazda Megan Racing Aluminum Strut Tower Bars
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Mazda RX-7MSRPPrice
(1993-1995) Front Upper -Blue$70.00$62.51  Add to Cart
Front Upper -Gunmetal$70.00$62.51  Add to Cart
Front Upper -Polished$70.00$62.51  Add to Cart
Front Upper -Red$70.00$62.51  Add to Cart
This product also fits other vehicles.

All Megan Racing Aluminum Strut Tower Bars
Megan Racing Aluminum Strut Tower Bar Reviews
  (8.8 of 10) 15 Reviews    Write Review
202/20/2012CivicThe product did not fit my vehicle and was confirmed by Megan Racing; photos of the attempted installation were forwarded to HF as well as Megan to show the problems; many attempts, including FAX, phone calls and e- mails (to CJ Nguyen) have been made to get the RMA number for a return/refund, since December of last year, without success; this product is not a simple "bolt on" and would require other modifications to work; I might add my brother who is one of the top Sykorsky Helecopter mechanics in the world attempted the install and confirms all of the above. I believe your customer support is lacking and I would not purchase another part from HF or advise others to. Don Sack re: PO#214140
812/23/2011PreludeNot bad! I noticed a difference in the slipping I had been experiencing when taking hard turns. I gave it an 8 out of 10 because I already feel the nut going bad, stripping, after removing and installing it once after initial install. It's made of super lightweight aluminum, not surprised it's delicate. Just an observation, not a judgement. I'm happy with the bar. Looks nice, too. Just don't over tighten it! It shipped quickly, I believe it was about one week. Customer service was surprisingly human. I sent an email to make sure my payment had gone through and got a response [not automated] within hours. Happy Holidays.
1008/22/2010240SXlooks great and very easy to install. cant beat it!
1008/07/2010240SXWorks fine!
806/01/2009AccordThis product was easily installed, and felt the difference right away!!
902/17/2009AccordInstallation took less than 30 minutes, and fitted perfectly... great product so far... no issues... looks good!
1002/17/2009SentraIt took about 15 minutes to get it in the car with a perfect fit. Took corners without as much lean and kept the drive wheels on the pavement. I really like this product and am happy i got it!
812/23/2008240SXthe bars again are as good as the front one for the price you pay the adjusting ability is better than that of the front, but as the front the mounting brackets seem to be the weakest point of the product
812/23/2008240SXthe bar seems sturdy but the brackets seem to be the weakest point. it is also to low to be adjusted when it is mounted in its final location. but other than that i believe this item to be well worth the price
1010/22/2008CivicI love this part and it works great easy to install. Also loks great in my car.
15 Reviews

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