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The 240SX/Silvia is an amazing platform in all it s generations. The FR-Drivetrain and it s light weight offer a perfect balance between speed and agility. Used in a wide range of motorsports such as drag, drift, autocross, road race and even rally the 240SX has proven it s worth time and time again.

As a street car, it s refined and well mannered, comfortable to drive in and stylish with a bit of aggression in it s curves. Although it s initial design was sporty and aggressive it was still designed as a street car.

In driving your chassis always will endure stresses with every bump and corner you turn. Because of this, performance vehicles will always have chassis reinforcement and rigid strut bars to connect as many points of the car together so that the chassis absorbs less and the suspension absorbs more. In turn this allows your tuning to be more predictable and gives your vehicle a more solid and direct feel.

The 240SX is used heavily in competition and is the weapon of choice for most drifters. Megan Racing has developed a wide range of products to help give drivers an edge over other competitors. With that we offer a wide range of chassis braces and suspension components and have now developed a Front Tension-Rod brace for the S14 chassis.

This Tension-Rod brace is light weight and yet extremely strong. Designed to "box" in your front-chassis between the Tension-Rods, this bar is adjustable to tune preload and adjust the rigidity of the front end.

Made of light-weight aluminum and powedercoated a brilliant blue for durability against the elements and a nice finishing touch to the underside of your car, this product is definitely a must for those who know the true value of suspension tuning in their performance machines.

  • Connects between the front Tension-Rods, just under the sway bar.
  • Adjustable length to tune for Pre-Load after installation.
  • 3-Stage Powdercoating process to achieve a brilliant Blue finish.
  • Completes the connection between the left and right suspension system in the front.
  • Direct-Feel for more precise driver feedback.

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Megan Racing Tension Rod Reviews
405/14/2012EVOPoor craftsmanship
510/29/2009MR2it had to be modified for my application, it was used on a 1988 MR2 and works fine
1002/06/2009S2000Good quality, easy install. Worked as advertised. Not much else to say, since this item either works or it doesn't.
1002/06/2009240SXthey work great and are as thick as other brands out there. I have seen nothing wrong with them yet and do not plan too.
1012/28/2008240SXgreat product for the price! thanks!
903/20/2008240SXNot the best control arms out there but they work great, have lots of adjustment and are cheap there a good deal.

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Parts Available: MR-6361-S, MR-6110, MR-6419, MR-6426, MR-6713, MR-6713, MR-6478, MR-6478, MR-6317, MR-6243, MR-6726, MR-6185, MR-6153-RF, MR-6153-RR, MR-6416, MR-6462