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Motul Engine Cleaners

Designed to be used in all types of Diesel and gasoline engines with injection or carburettor(s), with or without catalytic converter, using all kind of fuel. Effectively cleans dirt and clogging which appear in the engine. The removed micro particles are then evacuated at the time of the oil drain. Provides a perfect lubrication during cleaning process.

    Motul Engine Clean, added to engine oil before draining, allows you to:
  • Lower the wear of your engine internals
  • Decrease oil and fuel consumption
  • Increase compressions on the same way on all the cylinders
  • Decrease exhaust pollutants emissions
  • Evacuate deposits, varnishes and other combustion residues from problem areas such as hydraulics lifters or piston grooves and rings
  • Take advantage of fresh oil which will fill engine after draining
  • Increase catalytic converter's lifetime

Before each oil drain, add to the crankcase a can of Motul Engine Clean to hot used oil. Let the engine run at idle for 15 minutes. Drain the oil and change the filter. The content of one can is sufficient for an oil capacity up to 5 liters. For higher capacities, 60 ml of Engine Clean is to be added per supplementary liter of engine oil (over 5 liters) . Do not exceed the recommended proportion. If necessary, proceed to 2 successive treatments. Combined with Motul Diesel System Clean or Fuel System Clean, Engine Clean provides a very appreciable reduction of pollutants emissions to pass Vehicle Inspection.

Universal Motul Engine Cleaners
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