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This thermostat has the operating temperature set lower than normal. It prevents engine power loss by minimizing rapid water-temperature rises under harsh conditions such as during circuit driving. The use of a flow-control-type valve prevents hunting, thereby achieving rapid stabilization of the water temperature (the engine warms up within a short period). Operating temperature: 68 C (STD.: 76~80 C) Full-throttle acceleration temperature: 81 C (STD.: 90 C)

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1012/09/2010PreludeWorks great.

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Parts Available: 19301-XGER-0000, 19301-XGER-0000, 19301-XK5-00N0, 19301-XGER-0000, 19301-XGER-0000, 19301-XGMR-0000, 19301-XGS-0000