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NGK Spark Plug Wires

Newly-designed by NGK, these variable=-pitch wound resistor cables provide uniform resistance and insure the outstanding electrical conductivity any cable must have. This produces the impedance necessary to suppress radio interference throughout the entire frequency spectrum. The RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) noise is radiated from ignition systems and can interfere with coputer control and on-board electronic systems of late model vehicles. Used in your car in combination with resistor spark plugs. NGK resistor cables will provide exceptional noise suppression without affecting your engine performance in the least.

  • The fiberglass strand core is covered by a layer of ferrite magnetic material wrapped with variable-pitched metal wire. The outer jacket is made of:
  • 1: Polyvinyl Chloride - heat resistant temperature of 100 degrees Celcius
  • 2: NGK's new EDPM rubber compound (Ethylene Propylene Dien Monomer) - heat resistant temperature of 180 degrees Celsius
  • 3: NGK's new silicone insulation that has a heat resistant temperature of 250 degrees Celsius.

The material used for the outer jacket depends upon which is best for the particular application.

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NGK Spark Plug Wire Reviews
  (9.2 of 10) 18 Reviews    Write Review
1003/21/2013IntegraThey work like a charm.
102/20/2012IntegraParts arrived to me damaged. Needed wires to drive car, so I decided to use them. This eventually turned out to be a mistake. There is something definitely wrong with the wires I received. I went to a local Advance Auto Parts, bought another set of the identical wires ($25.00 cheaper..) Put them on and the car has run perfectly since. Very disappointed with what I received. However, I do not necessarily hold HPF responsible. I can always by from another source.
1008/03/2010SupraPackaging it came in was loose and opened but other than that it was a excellent product, and continues to work flawlessly!
1004/24/2010SupraGreat wires! The only problem ive had is routing them and making them look pretty! It seems like they are just a tad too short to go into every stock wire holder and make it to the distributor without being pulled extremely tight. But that could also be how im routing them.
904/26/2009Eclipseperfect description and good shipping
1012/24/2008PreludeThey fit just as well as OEM, I have been told that NGK is the company that made these for Honda in the first place.
1008/11/2008IntegraDont use anything else.
908/20/2007Preludevery good set of cables especially when paired with ngk iridium spark plugs. last set were a set of 80 dollar cables & and these seem to perform the same.
1008/10/2007SupraFit very well, they really look nice and i'm sure i will buy another pair
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