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NOS Nitrous Bottles

NOS offers DOT-approved nitrous bottles in a variety of sizes and finishes to suit your needs. The bottles come with an NOS/CGA-approved Hi-Flo valve and built-in siphon tube. For extra safety, NOS has designed an exclusive blow-off venting system. If your bottle is overfilled or if pressure increases beyond the maximum safety level, the vent opens and discharges the nitrous into a safe place.

Universal NOS Nitrous Bottles
10LB Electric Blue Super Hi-Flo$270.32  Add to Cart
10LB Electric Blue Super Hi-Flo - 1$353.51  Add to Cart
10LB Electric Blue Super Hi-Flo W/Gauge$372.12  Add to Cart
10LB Electric Blue Super Hi-Flo W/Racer Safety$339.90  Add to Cart
10LB Orange Sniper Medical$241.89  Add to Cart
10LB Polished Hi-Flo$328.72  Add to Cart
10LB Polished Super Hi-Flo W/Gauge$434.15  Add to Cart
10OZ Aluminum Mini Hi-Flo$136.43  Add to Cart
10OZ Polished Mini Hi-Flo$173.65  Add to Cart
12.8LB Carbon Fiber Super Hi-Flo W/Gauge$625.69  Add to Cart
15LB Electric Blue Hi-Flo$328.72  Add to Cart
15LB Electric Blue Super Hi-Flo$365.93  Add to Cart
1LB Aluminum Mini Hi-Flo$161.24  Add to Cart
2.5LB Electric Blue Mini Hi-Flo$175.37  Add to Cart
2.5LB Polished Mini Hi-Flo$272.89  Add to Cart
5LB Electric Blue Hi-Flo$217.06  Add to Cart
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