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Neuspeed Spark Plug Wires

Double-layered, nylon-reinforced virgin silicone wires are custom cut to exact length for a perfect fit and show-car appearance. Lower electrical resistance, heat-resistant to over 600F, and factory-style end terminals. Available in red and yellow.

All Audi Neuspeed Spark Plug Wires
View All Audi A4 Spark Plug Wires
Audi A4MSRPPrice
89+ 2.8L 30V $276.31  Add to Cart
89+ 2.8L 30V (Yellow) $276.31  Add to Cart
All Volkswagen Neuspeed Spark Plug Wires
View All Volkswagen Beetle Spark Plug Wires
Volkswagen BeetleMSRPPrice
98+ 8V 2.0L $148.00  Add to Cart
View All Volkswagen GTI Spark Plug Wires
Volkswagen GTIMSRPPrice
All 16V (Yellow) $269.95  Add to Cart
View All Volkswagen Jetta Spark Plug Wires
Volkswagen JettaMSRPPrice
2.0 8V $148.00  Add to Cart
2.8 VR6$219.95$187.48  Add to Cart
2.8 VR6 (yellow)$219.95$187.48  Add to Cart
8V $148.00  Add to Cart
8V (yellow) $148.00  Add to Cart
ALL 8V$109.95$98.65  Add to Cart
ALL 8V (Yellow)$109.95$98.65  Add to Cart
All VR6 W/dist$239.95$197.35  Add to Cart
All VR6 W/dist (yellow)$239.95$197.35  Add to Cart
All VR6 w/o Dist$229.95$197.35  Add to Cart
All VR6 w/o Dist (yellow)$229.95$197.35  Add to Cart
View All Volkswagen Passat Spark Plug Wires
Volkswagen PassatMSRPPrice
(1998-2005) 2.8L, 30V$279.95$266.44  Add to Cart
2.8L, 30V (Yellow)$279.95$266.44  Add to Cart
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