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The heart of the Neuspeed Audi / Volkswagen 1.8T Turbo Kit is the higher output K04 turbo, manufactured by 3K Warner GmbH, an O.E. supplier to Audi and VW. Neuspeed includes a high performance P-Chip that is programmed to take advantage of this serious bolt-on kit. Boost pressure is raised to a maximum 15psi, ignition timing and air/fuel ratios are modified, and the rev-limiter and top speed governor are raised. Your ECU must be sent to Neuspeed for the P-Chip installation. However, no other modifications are required to install the K04 turbocharger. In addition, the Audi / Passat kit includes Beru UltraX 4-electrode spark plugs, a 180 degree (F) fan switch, a 5-bar fuel pressure regulator, EGT gauge and thermocouple, and all required gaskets and hardware. Other kits vary.

All Audi Neuspeed Turbo Kits
View All Audi A4 Turbo Kits
Audi A4Price
(1997-2001) kit w/manifold$1,973.95  Add to Cart
kit w/o manifold$1,973.95  Add to Cart
View All Audi TT Turbo Kits
Audi TTPrice
(2000-2005) 180hp$1,973.95  Add to Cart
All Volkswagen Neuspeed Turbo Kits
View All Volkswagen GTI Turbo Kits
Volkswagen GTIPrice
(2000) 1.8T Upgrade$1,973.95  Add to Cart
View All Volkswagen Passat Turbo Kits
Volkswagen PassatPrice
(1998-2005) 1.8T kit w/manifold$2,270.05  Add to Cart
1.8T kit w/o manifold$1,973.95  Add to Cart
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