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Nitrous Express Maximizer 3 Nitrous Controllers

The Maximizer 3 is the culmination of years of development and brings the best of all worlds. The Max 3 will progressively control one or two separate stages of nitrous based on RPM, time or throttle percentage. The throttle percentage feature allows you to "pedal" the car in the event of wheel spin.

Nitrous flow smoothly increases and decreases as you "work" the throttle, allowing you to regain traction and continue racing. The throttle percentage feature is also beneficial for street cars because it allows you to introduce a small amount of nitrous at mid throttle while smoothly transitioning to full nitrous power as you press the throttle to the floor. The feeling is like driving a car with twice the cubic inches.

The Max 3 is also compatible with a Davis Technologies Traction Control Module. When used with the traction control module, the Max 3 will progressively reduce nitrous flow when wheel spin is detected and will smoothly restore nitrous flow as traction is regained.

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