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PIT T-304 Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems

We have several full cat-back exhaust systems from PIT Performance for your car. As you can see by the pictures, the quality is unparalleled and rivals exhaust systems that sell for $700 or more. These are a fully mandrel bent exhaust system that is 100% stainless steel. They also decided to throw in removable silencers if you need your car to be quiet, or you can uncork them to achieve the full power potential. The kits also come complete with all the necessary gaskets, bolts and hangers. And just for grins on selected models, they also come with a factory cat adapter (removable for 3 cat or test-pipe fitment).

Here are some sound clips of this exhaust on various cars:
RSX Type-S

All Mitsubishi PIT T-304 Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems
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Mitsubishi EVOPrice
(2003-2005) EVO VIII 3"$492.37  Add to Cart
All Subaru PIT T-304 Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems
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Subaru WRXPrice
(2002 and up) $675.00  Add to Cart
PIT T-304 Stainless Steel Exhaust System Reviews
  (8.7 of 10) 14 Reviews    Write Review
705/25/2009EVOSound is awesome, I replaced straight pipe from the cat with this exhaust and it has a great exhaust note at idle with a great growl at high RPM. The only problem which is somewhat expected, is that the pipe wasn't an exact fit. Exhaust specialties had to cut and re-weld the muffler to fix an alignment problem. It was skewed a few degrees causing contact with the body as well as the drain hole wasn't at bottom dead center. It was off at an angle. The muffler probably wasn't welded straight at the factory. Minor problem that a pro could fix. I would recommend this exhaust if you have it professionally installed or possess the skill.
1010/25/2008EclipseI love my exhaust best thing I could have added @ this point in time no problem installing it bolted right up it looks clean and sounds nice
906/08/2007Civicinstallation was a breeze, however the flange that connects the s-pipe to the muffler intermittently touched the gas tank & required slight modification.
1007/25/2006EclipseYou can't beat the price, and the PIT exhaust sound. It sounds like a jet now when my turbo spools up. (P.S. It comes w/ a reducer for the stock cat too)
703/10/2006CivicThis exhaust is a very good performance add-on, however the fitment was horrible, and I had to have the whole exhaust re-fabricated to get it to fit my car. Performance is very good and and the sound rocks.
710/07/2005CivicNice, heavy gauge SS with good weld quality. Fitup was poor as one of the muffler hangers was off by an inch, and there was 1/2 inch of interference with one of the folded seams on the gas tank. Sound is great, very mellow and not too loud, appears to be wearing well after a couple of months of use. Would buy another PIT product, but expect some fitup problems.
1008/24/2005IntegraTo be honest,this product met and exceeded my expectations. I could not be more happier with the PIT exhaust. It has a very nice sound to it, i could not be happier with the sound. I felt a little increase in power, but you can not expect much from a non-turbo car. The welds are all flawless and the fitment was perfect. Thank you.
1008/21/2005EclipseThe exhaust is amazing. It is lightweight, sharp looking and fits perfectly. The tone is exactly what I was looking for - Deep and throaty under hard acceleration and when it comes down, and mellow when I want it to be. An overall great product!
606/28/2005CivicNice materials, welds and finish on this setup. Fitup was a different story as one hanger was offset by 1", one of the flanges rubbed on the RR brake line, and there was at least a 1/4" interference between the back section and the folded seams of the gas tank. Total install time was about 3 hours with a lot of pounding. But it sounds nice and mellow and gave a noticeable improvement in performance.
1002/10/2005CivicExcellent product. Straight-forward install, no problems, excellent fit and finish.
14 Reviews

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