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PLX Devices Kiwi OBD2 Scanners

The Kiwi is a simple to use plug and play device compatible with all 1996 vehicles and up. Kiwi plugs into your existing on board diagnostic port (OBDII), located near your steering column. From this port, Kiwi is able to obtain detailed sensor information about your vehicle. A multitude of sensor data including vehicle speed, RPM, engine load, oxygen sensor readings are all analyzed to determine your vehicle s optimum driving efficiency.

Kiwi operates much like a game. As you drive, your daily goal is to obtain the highest Kiwi Score possible. In doing so, your driving style will be optimized for the highest MPG no matter what vehicle you drive.

Daily, Kiwi will show you how much money on gas you saved compared to the last trip you saved with Kiwi installed. Over time, you can keep track of hundreds of dollars saved throughout the year.

The Kiwi connects to any 1996 and up vehicle through the OBDII port often located under your steering column. Mount the Kiwi on your dash or on your windshield with the included mounting bracket

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