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Jeep Pacesetter Headers

Manufactured using mandrel-bent, mild steel tubing and surface-ground, thick steel flanges. All PaceSetter Headers come with hardware, gaskets and illustrated instructions and are backed by a three-year warranty. Header bolts not included.

Review your application notes before ordering

Application Notes:
1 Flanged Collector
2 Slip-fit Collector
3 Hook-ups for smog & engine management sensors
4 No smog or engine management hook-ups
5 Comes with collector reducer. Fabrication required to hook to exhaust system
6 Comes with header extension to connect to stock system. Fabrication may be required
7 Fits cylinder heads with evenly spaced exhaust ports
8 Fits cylinder heads with paired exhaust ports
9 Catalytic converter must be relocated
10 Fits vehicles with 14-1/2" catalytic converter
11 50 States legal
12 Replaces stock exhaust manifold. Bolts to stock down pipe.
13 Long tube header
14 Shorty header
15 Retains catalytic converter in stock location
16 Y-pipe available to connect to stock system
17 X-pipe available to connect to stock system
18 H-pipe available to connect to stock system
19 Extensions available to hook to stock system
30 Includes catalytic converters

All Jeep Pacesetter Headers
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Jeep CherokeeMSRPPrice
(1987-1992) 4.0L (Notes: 2,3,6,11)$389.95$246.88  Add to Cart
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(1987-1990) 4.2L (Notes: 1,3,6,11)$459.95$291.20  Add to Cart
(1991-1999) 4.0L (Notes: 1,3,6,11)$459.95$291.20  Add to Cart
(1991-1995) YJ 2.5L (Notes: 1,3,6,11)$299.95$189.90  Add to Cart
(1997-1999) TJ with 2.5L (Notes: 1,3,6,11)$299.95$189.90  Add to Cart
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All Pacesetter Headers
Pacesetter Header Reviews
  (8.5 of 10) 11 Reviews    Write Review
1003/07/2013300ZXGreat time with shipping love my headers car sounds great
1006/13/2010Pickupgreat welds, built much better than the old version. And those that complain about the paint. Theres a sticker on the header it self saying its not a high temp paint. You need to get it plated or coated. the black paint is just to keep it rust-free till you coat it.
1012/01/2009CorollaGreat buy for the price. Bolted right in, burning pain is not the best smell, but it eventually goes away after about 3 days
907/02/2008CorollaInstalled on 88 Toyota Mr2, headers gave it a nice growl & better performance than expected. only flaw is the headers are painted & u get to enjoy the smell of melting paint for a wk or so. cant go wrong with pacesetter!!!
705/29/2008JettaIt's ok not the best but not the worst..
1003/28/2007ProbeIt sounds and feel a hole lo better than the stock exhaust. It allows exhaust gases ot flow better and faster.
909/25/2006PickupI ordered the part, paid for it and in a couple of days there it was at my doorstep delivered by fedex, it was some kind of expensive but I received the part and I am glad that you've been there A BIG THANKS one more time, Guensley, Netherlands Antilles.
705/01/2006240SXGood performance. Paint burned off immediately. A better pain/coating would be nice. Install was a 6/10 the coupler didnt work as sent because the bolts were too short. Otherwise OK product
804/22/2006CorollaFor a knockoff header I was suprised with what I got, it wasn't flawless but the quality was quite good, nothing that couldn't be fixed with a file and a little time. the only complaint I have has to do with the high temp paint pelling off 10min after I got it to operating temp and the smell of said panit when burning off. Powerwise I dont have a Dyno to test on but it seems a little more resposive in the upper mid RPM range 4500 -5200. Below that seems a little sluggish, but that may be due to the type of cat back system I used i.e(Highflow)
802/08/2006Pickupproduct performs great! though i should've ordered a 90 header because i found out my truck is a 89 1/2 so it took some custom fabrication to get it to work other then that it went on just as its suppose sounds pretty cool too with a pace setter exhaust system as well. horse power gains are pretty noticeable im satisfied with the header and exhaust.
612/20/2005FocusPart fit okay....but did not include both gaskets when purchased.
11 Reviews

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