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Paxton Supercharger Pulleys

The easiest and most effective way to get more power from your supercharged motor, upgrading the pulley. These pullies are made of 6061 T-6 aluminum, hard anodized and built to SAE standards. CNC machined for maximum surface contact.

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Ford MustangMSRPPrice
(1986-1998) (GT) 6-Rib, 4"$100.95$93.00  Add to Cart
(1986-1989) (GT) 6-Rib, 4.25"$100.95$93.00  Add to Cart
(1986-1993) (Renegade) 8-Rib, 2.75"$110.95$102.00  Add to Cart
(Renegade) 8-Rib, 3.75"$110.95$102.00  Add to Cart
10-Rib, 3"$131.95$121.00  Add to Cart
10-Rib, 3.5"$131.95$121.00  Add to Cart
10-Rib, 3.75"$131.95$121.00  Add to Cart
10-Rib, 4"$131.95$121.00  Add to Cart
10-Rib, 4.25"$131.95$121.00  Add to Cart
10-Rib, 6.88"$346.95$317.00  Add to Cart
(1986-1995) 8-Rib, 3"$110.95$102.00  Add to Cart
8-Rib, 3.25"$110.95$102.00  Add to Cart
8-Rib, 3.50"$110.95$102.00  Add to Cart
(1993-1996) 10-Rib, 2.75"$131.95$121.00  Add to Cart
10-Rib, 3.25"$131.95$121.00  Add to Cart
(1996-1999) (Cobra) 6-Rib, 3.25" (NOVI 1000)$100.95$93.00  Add to Cart
(Cobra) 6-Rib, 3.5" (NOVI 1000)$100.95$93.00  Add to Cart
(Cobra) 6-Rib, 3.75" (NOVI 1000)$100.95$93.00  Add to Cart
(Cobra) 6-Rib, 4" (NOVI 1000)$100.95$93.00  Add to Cart
(Cobra) 6-Rib, 4.25" (NOVI 1000)$100.95$93.00  Add to Cart
(1996-2002) (GT) 6-Rib, 3.5"$100.95$93.00  Add to Cart
(2002) (GT) 6-Rib, 3.5"$100.95$93.00  Add to Cart
Paxton Supercharger Pulley Reviews
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1001/21/2007MustangI installed the part with no problems whatsoever ,with this pulley i saw an increase in boost.It has made a 50 horse increase in about 15 minutes worth of work.Part has worked flawless as expected.
210/27/2005Mustangi recieved the part and attempted to install it on my supercharger. it did not fit becasue the grooves on the pulley didn't match up with the grooves on my supercharger head unit. i had to grind off part of the pulley to make it fit and tap it on with a rubber mallet, what should have been a 5 minute install took over 2 hours. other than fitment the pulley works fine... the belt fits in the grroves, its kinda hard to screw up a pulley but they did
610/15/2005MustangI used this pulley on my Honda S2000 with a Novi 1000 unit. I had to grind down the mounting rib but it worked out well, pushed 13psi of boost.

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