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Made from 6061T6 aluminum and weighing in at 1.2lbs, the PERRIN pulley is more then 4 lbs lighter then the stock crank pulley. The PERRIN pulley is not under driven and will not affect the life of your engine. The pulley is a redesigned, lighter rendering of the stock crank pulley.

Aftermarket, under driven, pulleys are prone to charging and drivability problems from being excessively under driven. The PERRIN Performance lightened crank pulley will have no effect on your cars charging system.

The PERRIN Performance pulley achieves power and performance by reducing the rotating mass of the crank assembly.

That reduction is effectively the same as removing 100 pounds of weight from your vehicle. The PERRIN Performance pulley will not wear out engine bearings or the oil pump, and will not add any additional vibration or noise.

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Perrin Lightened Crank Pulley Reviews
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1009/24/2007WRXExcelent product, its the very first mod i always do on my WRX`s.
911/16/2006ImprezaOne of the better mods ive done to my car (imo). revs much quicker at 3500 + rpm and seems a bit quiter at idle. This is the only mod ive done to my car that i couldnt do myself though. $150 to install kinda sucked. but definately a quality pulley and so much lighter than the stock p.o.s. noticed an instant difference. lighten that brick ya got in there now. Quick delivery too!!!! thanks.
1009/06/2005WRXeasy to install. Fit perfectly. It has been on for about 5000 miles with no trouble. Felt the difference right away. Horsepower gains about 5 horses. I would recomend to anyone who wants a low cost, easy to install, modification.
1006/08/2004Imprezathis flywheel spins much faster, but does not hinder slow speed engagements.

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Parts Available: AMP-ENG-500, AMP-ENG-520, PSP-ENG-100, PSP-ENG-100, PSP-ENG-100BK, PSP-ENG-100RD, PSP-ENG-100, PSP-ENG-100BK