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Lincoln Porterfield Front - R4S High Performance Street Brake Pads

For high performance and increase in stopping ability with a very minimum amount of pedal effort. We have also gone to great measures to ensure that the R4-S compound have the absolute lowest noise and dust levels, far below O.E.M. equipment or any other high performance brake material. This is an amazingly fast stopping brake pad. Great for autocrossing, drivers schools, solo events, and rallys.

The R4-S compound is available for virtually any vehicle sold in the US. We also offer the R4-S in pad sizes for competition type calipers that are used under street driven conditions. The Porterfield R4-S compound has become a consistent top performer in the realm of high performance/street brake pads. Perfect for prolonged everyday street use while also being capable of tolerating the most severe use without any fade.

All Lincoln Porterfield Front - R4S High Performance Street Brake Pads
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All Porterfield Front - R4S High Performance Street Brake Pads
Porterfield Front - R4S High Performance Street Brake Pad Reviews
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1007/20/2012S2000These pads fit perfectly, make little or no noise after breakin and (when coupled with the slotted rotors I bought) are a tremendous and reasonably-priced upgrade over my stock S2000 pads.
904/12/2010SupraI bought them to help hold me on the line while drag racing, worked great on the street but now at 5psi on the line I'm starting to push through them, they did help my 60ft by 2 tenths though. didn't use the insulators or spacers on front but HPF put me in contact with Porterfield to answer all questions they are a great vendor
609/24/2008M3Decent street pad, little dust which is easy to clean. Does not perform as well as other pads in the high performance street category, falls more in the dust free category. I would buy again for a daily driver, but not up for AutoX or track.
1004/05/2008SupraAbsolutely an amazing pad with a Brembo blank rotor combo. Pads bite hard, don't fade, work great hot, and will slow a 3700lbs vehicle like it was half that weight. Porterfield R4S pads are now my pad of choice for stock calipers.
802/18/2008SupraI haven't pushed them too the limits yet but for street use they work great.
811/29/2007SupraGood fit and easy install, Good initial bite, strong stopping power yet easy to modulate at traction threshold, and no fade w/crossdrilled rotors from 160+. Best pad I've had so far, quiet and grippy, better than squeaky/dirty Axxis or fade-prone EBC GreenStuff. Might be better pads out there somewhere, I just haven't found them yet...
911/19/2007240SXGreat pad! They stop at any temp. I haven't gotten any brake from them. Only thing that I don't like is that they bite hard and fast. It a touchy pad for pedal feel if you get what I mean.
905/23/2007Celicanice pads
905/02/2007MaximaPads are a little noisy when breaking hard. They put out a fair amount of break dust but performance is good. I haven't noticed any fade.
1003/18/2007CLK430These pads are great. Excellent stopping power, very little dust. I have them matched with Brembo Drilled Rotors on a Mercedes CLK430. I take frequest drives up the CA coast line and through the mountains. After having this combo, I won't use anything else.
16 Reviews

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