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Porterfield Front - R4 Full Race Brake Pads

The Porterfield Carbon Kevlar brake pad for over a decade has given racers abroad a definite world class friction material suitable for virtually any racing condition. Designed specifically for heavy duty motorsports, Porterfield R-4 brake pad was our first and is our original carbon kevlar brake pad. Being able to maintain an average of .50 friction level within a very wide temperature range gives the R-4 pad astounding versatility, and makes it very suitable for a wide array of various track conditions. With use of the latest ceramic technology, the carbon based semi-metallic R-4 materials allow the pads to absorb tremendous amounts of heat and dissipate it at a very even rate, while at the same time insulating excessive heat from calipers. Another inherent characteristic of our carbon kevlar material is how quickly the pads warm up to race temperature, which is quite helpful during restarts, and when track time is limited. Optimum R-4 operating temperatures are 450 degrees F and above. When used with cast iron and steel alloy rotors, the R-4 compound requires minimal bed-in period. Throughout the entire heat range, the carbon kevlar material will give extremely consistent modulation and predictably smooth release characteristics up to threshold. Another benefit of our R-4 compound is that even with the high friction levels and broad temperature ranges, the unique properties of our compound allows the rotors life to be extended to the maximum. This is truly the most rotor friendly racing brake pad material ever. Road courses, oval track, rally, vintage racing, autocross, club events or professional racing events. Tested and raced in countless types of competition vehicles, the R-4 compound from the outset has established its reputation as a championship winning brake pad material.

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Porterfield Front - R4 Full Race Brake Pad Reviews
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1008/22/2010MR2Great brakes! Pads made it through two fifteen hour races. Minimal rotor wear.
808/20/2007300ZXThis rating is for the overall rating of it. For streetable brakes this is a little under the "ok" product. They take sometime to warm up which is not good on the stop and go traffic or normal everyday traffic along with the noise factor the pads make. These pads make a lot of noise, about a 4 out of 5. But that would be expected to those in the know about the compound materials used. I would say it is a little under OEM standards as far as the street goes. But when its time for some endurance circuit fun these pads are great. Once warmed up they stop my Z32 (w/ slotted OEM sized rotors and under cooling air-guides)15-20% better than stock. Dust is to a minimal (way better than stock pads)and the bite they have on my rotors can be felt. So this rating is based on the weekend racer who needs pads in an endurance or there of event, not on every day driving. For every day driving the rating would be lower.

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