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Unlike similar modified versions, the PHR race intake manifold features a completely new sheet metal top and fully balanced runners for the highest efficiency and most power increases throughout the RPM range. These units are necessary when power levels exceed 800 Horsepower. 80mm internal diameter, port-matched, baffled, and flow tested for efficiency. Expect a 20-30 Horsepower gain above 6000 RPM, but most importantly, this intake design will not produce the cylinder imbalance that is common with stock intake manifolds. The EGR system has been completely removed and Idle Air Control Valve provisions are optional. Fully polished upper tank with aluminum runners. Don't be fooled by cheaper, modified, or rebuilt factory units offered by other companies. All PHR custom intake manifolds are hand built from the ground-up to exacting specifications, with an understanding of proper airflow and velocity through years of experience with the 2JZ engine. This is sold w/exhance only. Please note that in the picture there was some shadowing on the runners, they are not dark at all, they just appear that way in this picture.

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