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Powerhouse Fuel Pulsation Damp Bypass

A must-have for all BPU Supras, the PHR Bypass consists of a large #6 Stainless Steel Braided hose with metric fittings to route from the factory fuel filter to the rear of the factory fuel rail. Installation is a breeze: 1) remove the factory rubber fuel line at the fuel filter using a 17mm wrench, 2) install the supplied metric fitting into the fuel filter while reusing factory crush washers, 3) attach the straight end of the #6 line to the metric fitting, 4) remove the factory fuel line at the rear of the fuel rail using a 17mm wrench and move it aside, 5) install supplied metric fitting into fuel rail while reusing the factory crush washer, 6) attach the 90 degree end of the #6 line, 7) tighten all fittings and check for leaks, and you are done! This completely bypasses the OEM pulsation dampener unit, a severe restriction in the factory fuel system. Installation of this unit allows you to maximize the factory fuel system with less risk of a lean condition. A must have for any Supra! Can also be supplied with an inline adapter to mount any electronic fuel pressure gauge sensor.

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Toyota SupraPrice
(1993-1998) Adapter Only$40.00  Add to Cart
Nickel - Without Fuel Pressure Adapter$115.00  Add to Cart
Red/Blue - Without Fuel Pressure Adapter$100.00  Add to Cart
With Fuel Pressure Adapter$125.00  Add to Cart
Powerhouse Fuel Pulsation Damp Bypass Reviews
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810/19/2010SupraInstalling fuel system components is never a tidy job, but this one isn't too bad. Prepared to leak some fuel when removing the old parts so have a bucket handy and be sure to wear some safety glasses! Also make sure to plan the steps out before you do any work to minimize the amount of fuel you leak!
1006/28/2006SupraEasy to install. Nice piece. Made the car a little richer to safely run more boost.
1006/08/2004SupraHorsepowerfreaks shipped the fuel pulsation dampener bypass immediatelly and I received it within a few days. The installation is very easy and straightforward and performed very well(No leaks) I recommend this product to any supra owner, and it is very convenient to replace the fuel filter at the same time. So if you have a dirty fuel filter might as well purchase the dampener bypass along with the new filter.
Parts Available: Adapter Only, PHR 01011202-01N, PHR 01011202-01RB, PHR 01011202-02