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Powerhouse Racing is proud to bring you the latest and most advanced gauge cluster option for the 1993-98 Toyota Supra. Featuring the PHR Quad gauge, the PHR 10k Tachometer, and the PHR GPS speedometer. Complete with new Toyota Bezel (only available in 1993-1994 style), blinkers and easy install instructions. All pre-calibrated.

The PHR 10k Tach:
Accurate- Digital stepper motor design proven in racing conditions.

Large easy to read dial.
Progressive Shift in dial (5 super bright LEDs).
Peak RPM recall.
Setable shift point.
programmable from .5 - 6 pulses per rev.
Setable day/night shift light brightness.
Compatable with remote minishift light.
Billet aluminum anodized bezel.
Fits 3.875 in. dash hole
Case depth only 1.10 inch deep for easier mounting in dash.

The PHR 260mph/300kph GPS Speedometer
The PHR GPS Speedometer does not require a transmission sensor to operate, making installation very easy in vehicles which lack electronic sensor output (powerglide, TH400, etc).

Odometer and Resettable trip
Htz update for fast needle response and accuracy
Display 0-60mph(US) or 0-100 kph(Metric) time and distance.
Display 1/4 mile(US) or 400 meter(Metric) time and speed.
Show elevation
Peak Recall max speed during run
Current direction heading
Accurate GPS Clock
Current Speed in LCD
Hot start satellite acquisition allows GPS speedo to function within 2-3 seconds of power up

The PHR Quad Gauge
The PHR gauges are microprocessor controlled for accurate gauge readings.
All gauges are a full 180 degree sweep gauge movement.

Programable fuel level features--
-Works with ALL OEM fuel senders. Set empty and full for your particular sender.
-Fuel level senders sold separately if needed.
-Settable low fuel warning LED.

Oil psi features--
-Uses pressure transducer sender included (.5-4.5Volts).
-Settable warning oil psi LED.

Water temp gauge features--
-Measures temperatures from 120-260F. Sensor included.
-Settable waring LED for water temp.

Volt gauge Features--
-Monitors battery voltage from 6-18 volts.
-Settable voltage LED.

Gauge peak recall (high and low max condition) (excludes fuel level gauge)

Select different gauge types within the Quad!
Please call us if you would like different gauge options within your quad. You can select from a wide variety of different gauge types and we can include them within your Quad! In other words, swap out volts for boost, etc.

LIFE-TIME WARRANTY on gauge electronics!

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