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They are back and revised to work better than ever before! The ever-popular PHR Adjustable Rear Control Arms are a *must-have* item for any serious road-racer or drag-racer. Even with the slider turned all the way in, the Supra is designed to run with at least -1 degrees of rear camber. While this may be good for basic street driving, it tends to eat up the insides of tires and is the opposite of what you want for drag racing and straight-line acceleration. For drag racers, you are able to adjust the rear camber up to +10 degrees, allowing the tire to come into 100% contact as the car squats for launch. This gives you full contact patch with the pavement and the most traction possible from your setup. For road racers, you can thread the knuckle in to achieve up to -10 degrees of camber if desired. These high quality rear control arms are hand-made from 4130 chromoly and TIG welded to ensure the highest strength and integrity possible. We have used them on our drag Supra since 1998, and our record-breaking 1.27 60 foot time tells the story of their effectiveness. Powder coated black or red, the PHR Adjustable Rear Control Arm kit now includes solid bushings so no core charges apply. And, using our new custom fit stud system, no re-drilling of the knuckle is required! Now using the new and redesigned Rod End to prevent any vibration knocking out a bushing utilizing a machined edge keeping the "eye" of the rod end in place. These hand-built upper rear control arms fit the six speed manual or automatic Supra NA and TT models.

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Parts Available: PHR 01012205