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Precision Turbo Liquid To Air Intercoolers

Precision Turbo Air/Liquid intercoolers operate by pumping cooled water through the cores either from a front-mounted radiator or heat exchanger or chilled water produced by circulating the liquid through a container filled with ice, as used in drag racing. Depending on the engine size and heat load, we recommend a container that will hold a minimum of 12 pounds of ice. If a front radiator is used, this should be as a large as possible since the temperature of the liquid entering the intercooler determines the cooling effectiveness. We recommend a radiator as used on small automobiles with a minimum surface area of at least 260 sq. inches. Radiator technology is perferable rather than oil cooler technology as these are specifically designed to cool water/glycol. When these intercoolers are used with chilled water, it is possible, in some cases, to get charge temperatures below ambient temperature, therefore remarkable increases in air density and power are possible.

Universal Precision Turbo Intercoolers
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