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ProSport Air Fuel Gauges

52mm Amber Performance Gauges
One of these gauges can display either Amber or Super White. The 270 dial sweep provides quick, one glance accuracy. Track tested and race proven, these gauges use precision electric senders to keep hazardous fluids out of the passenger compartment. The Amber/White series gauges are designed so that you can display one color during the day and the other color at night.

All Electric Gauges perform a dramatic opening ceremony with a full pointer sweep and self check each time the vehicle is started.

52 mm Electrical Digital Air/Fuel Ratio & Volt Gauge

This is a new product line from ProSport. This digital gauge is like having two gauges in one. ProSport utilized the space in the center of the guage to display the A/F & Volts Digitally. It displays Air/Fuel ratio around the outside while digitally displaying both A/F or volts. When the red "volt" light comes on you know you are reading volts (displays for 50 seconds) and if the light is not on the digital display is Air Fuel Ratio. Using a switch on the back you can even turn off the volt feature and run AFR all the time.

Universal ProSport Air Fuel Gauges
(analog) - Amber/White 52mm - Performance$46.99  Add to Cart
(analog) - Blue/White 52mm - Performance$46.99  Add to Cart
(LCD) - Electrical Digital w/ Volt - Amber 52mm$65.50  Add to Cart
(LCD) - Electrical Digital w/ Volt - Blue 52mm$65.50  Add to Cart
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Parts Available: 216BFWAAF270, 216BFWBAF270, 216SAFLED-AMB, 216SAFLED-Blue