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RDSport's lightweight hollow sway bars weigh in at 8.5lbs each, and are adjustable to be between 16 and 33% stiffer than the factory sway bars. These sway bars not only increase the overall spring rate to reduce body roll at any setting, but are also adjustable for the rate of spring rate increase, and will yield much more aggressive handling response. By enabling the driver to change the rate of increase of the swaybar stiffness, RDSport swaybars will help tune out understeer on initial turn in. The RD Sport Anti Sway Bar Kit provides 16-33% stiffer solution for fine tuning the suspension. Due to the hollow construction of the bars, they weigh a scant 8.5 lbs. each!

The 30.2 mm, hollow front bar and 25.4 mm hollow rear bar are powder coated for durability and include new, stiffer, urethane bushings.

The unique, welded, end plates allow for 3 adjustment positions, front and rear, to match the tuning to your driving requirements. The rear sway bar is specifically designed to reduce the initial understeer that the factory dialed into the stock suspension.

Combine the sway bars with our Chassis Kit, sold separately, for the ultimate handling upgrade for your new 5 Series. The RDSport Sway bars for the E6x 5 Series are available for immediate shipping.

  • 30.2mm Front Bar Thickness
  • 25.4mm Rear Bar Thickness
  • Increased Stiffness and Handling
  • Replacement Urethane Bushings
  • Lightweight Hollow Construction
  • RD Green Powder Coat Finish

A must have for any track enthusiast.

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