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Racelogic VBOX Performance Box Performance Meter

Not only is the new PerformanceBox the most sophisticated Performance meter on the market, but it is also one of the simplest to use, with many features normally found only on professional test equipment. You can quickly measure the acceleration, braking and cornering performance of your car without having to set anything up beforehand, and there is no need to perform any calibration. Because PerformanceBox is based on GPS, you get so much more for your money than just a simple performance meter.

PerformanceBox uses a GPS system with an update rate of 10 samples per second, which is the fastest GPS engine in its class. From this you get a very accurate speed ( 0.1kmh), cornering g-force, acceleration g-force and a very accurate distance measurement ( 10cm in 400m).

PerformanceBox is based on VBOX technology, which has been used all round the world by the majority of motor manufacturers for a number of years to measure speed, distance and aceleration.

Sample Screens

Using PerformanceBox as a performance meter could not be simpler, you connect it to your cigar lighter socket, wait a few seconds to get GPS lock, put it into 'Performance Mode' and drive!

To swap between the 6 different performance meter screens, simply press the up and down arrows.

Performance ranges and units are fully user adjustable, which means if you want to measure a specific acceleration or deceleration range, for example 35-65, then this is very easy to do.
Performance meter features
  • Speed kmh or mph
  • Distance metres or feet
  • 4 accel ranges - 2 adjustable
  • 2 decel ranges - 2 adjustable
  • 4 distance ranges (1/4 mile etc)
  • 1 foot rollout option
  • Peak g-force
  • Top speed
  • Average speed
  • SD card logging
Quarter Mile Testing

Using PerformanceBox to measure your 1/4 mile is very easy, simply scroll the screen to the 1/4 mile screen, and then go! The elapsed time and trap speed are then both displayed in real time on the PerformanceBox screen. You can choose to make this measurement either with or without the NHRA 1 foot rollout method.

The 1/4 mile times measured by PerformanceBox are accurate to within 0.1s. After an acceleration run, you can download your data from the SD card and overlay a previous run to see where you lost or gained time.

To view a test report comparing the quarter mile capabilities of PerformanceBox against a leading competitor click here.

Who uses PerformanceBox?

PerformanceBoxes are now being used by to measure acceleration, braking, and lap times by many car and bike magazines, such as EVO, AutoExpress, Autocar, Redline, Max Power, Banzai, Japanese Performance, Performance BMW, Car & Driver, Performance Bikes, Ride, to name only a few.

Using the supplied software and an SD flash card, you can download the speed/time/distance/acceleration data from PerformanceBox via USB and analyse it using the PerformanceTools analysis software:

Another very powerful feature is the ability to export your PerformanceBox position files to Google Earth, allowing you to plot your vehicle's path onto a satellite image of the area.

A PerformanceBox file taken around Paul Ricard imported into Google Earth

A PerformanceBox file logged during a journey over a mountain pass in Switzerland

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Racelogic VBOX Performance Box Performance Meter Reviews
  (9 of 10) 3 Reviews    Write Review
804/20/2010Works well. Not as easy to use as I thought it would be. Functionality is a bit embelsihed in the product description. Overall a great product and would recommend it over the other performance meters I have personally used. Great price
1002/07/2009The product is fan freaking tastic! Love it and its been very useful amongst myself and my peers. This thing allowed me to realize like everyone else i know that through what this machine reads, shows me my acceleration times are quicker than what the car companies out there advertise.
912/24/2008Works great. Acceleration, braking, and cornering measures are great tools to have. The ability to record an ENTIRE run either on the track or on the road is great - haven't downloaded and paired with a track map yet, but can see how that would be very useful. Almost never loses sat signal while outdoors. Data downloads seamless. Negatives: windshield mount is difficult to remove quickly (would hate to get pulled over and have this thing still on the windshield!!), software could be easier to use, suction cups are easy to lose when transporting device (prob should include spares with order). Overall, I would highly recomend - easy to track power/performance levels with acceleration, easy to track braking perfomance same way - so can assess impact of mods and performance of car in a consistent manner (w/out having to go to a dyno). Everyone who cares about bhp, 1/4 mi, and 60-130 times should certainly own one...

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