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Recaro Pole Position Seat

Two special materials are used in the manufacture of Recaro racing shells: Highly stable glass fiber reinforced plastic(GRP)and ultra lightweight carbon Kevlar material, which is used in a sandwich structure to achieve maximum strength. All Recaro racing shells gain their excellent stability from the use of high quality raw materials. The processing techniques, which have been tried and tested in the aircraft industry, and the subsequent heat-treatment process are subject to the strictest possible controls Recaro racing shells are produced in an autoclave (only for SPA) as are all components relevant to safety. This creates an ability to withstand loading while keeping weight to an absolute minimum.

An anatomically shaped frame and individualized seat cushion and backrest upholstery are essential features contributing to the basic comfort of Recaro racing shells. For over 30 years, these shells have been tried in international race series throughout the world, tested, and fine-tuned for use in racing.

In motorsports, both drivers and materials are subjected to extreme conditions. The intentional examination of the risks is therefore based on complete trust in the quality and reliability of RECARO seats.

Universal Recaro Seats
Jersey Red(Insert: Suede Red) - 4/5/6 Point$999.00  Add to Cart
Leather Black (Insert: Suede Grey) - 4/5/6 Point$1,319.00  Add to Cart
Leather Black(Insert: Leather Black) - 4/5/6 Point$1,319.00  Add to Cart
Velour Black(Insert: Velour Black) - 4/5/6 Point$799.00  Add to Cart
Velour Blue(Insert: Velour Blue) - 4/5/6 Point$799.00  Add to Cart
Velour Red(Insert: Velour Red) - 4/5/6 Point$799.00  Add to Cart
Vinyl Black(Insert: Suede Grey) - 4/5/6 Point$999.00  Add to Cart
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