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Road Race Engineering 4G63 Balance Shaft Eliminator Kits

Includes a new oil pump stub shaft, inserts for blocking oil flow to where the old bearings were, and a seal for the front balance shaft. Removing the balance shafts will free up 8-12 Hp.

- More HP to the wheels.
- Zero chance the B-Belt will fail and kill the timing belt.
- Zero chance the balance shaft bearings will fail and damage the rest of the motor.
- More oil pressure to the rest of the motor.

- More vibration is felt in side the car (no more is made, just more is felt).
- Every car is different, some motors are more balanced than others. It is no worse that any other 2.0 liter car with out balance shafts.

To install the kit, you will need to also remove the entire oil pump assy to gain access to the balance shafts. You need to knock out the balance shaft bearings and press in the new block off sleeves. To get the balance shafts out you need to remove the DP, oil pan, the transfer case and drop the motor down by removing two motor mounts and loosening the other two. Even if you are already doing a timing belt, there is still lots of additional work, but they do have instructions. You will also need the oil pump gasket and the oil filter housing gasket for your year vehicle. The oil pan goes on with silicone. It is a full weekend job laying under the car with oil dripping on your face for the average guy doing it at home with the motor in the car. This is a hard core DIY install. Even with the timing belt off you are only about 1/3 of the way done. Not to be taken lightly, best done with the motor all apart.

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Road Race Engineering 4G63 Balance Shaft Eliminator Kit Reviews
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907/06/2009EclipseGood parts, easy install (engine was out of car). only a 9 due to freeze plug size seems a bit small as it was installed, perhaps, a bit too easily. a bit of rtv ensured it stayed. no dyno testing so i cant say if there was any power gain. no noticeable vibration increase.

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