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Rotora Rear Slotted Big Brake Kits

Rotora Rear Big Brake Kits give your vehicle that Supercar look and feel, and exceed stock brake system performance in two areas. First, larger rotors increase heat capacity. A brake system's biggest enemy is heat. A brake system with inadequate heat capacity will overheat leading to brake fade, increased stopping distances, and possible failure. Second, stiffer calipers and stainless steel lines reduce system compliance and increase initial bite and pedal feedback. The key is to increase heat capacity and reduce compliance without upsetting the stock front to rear brake torque ratio. If the brake upgrade you select adds too much front torque (as many do), you reduce your car's ability to utilize the tractive capacity of all four tires (even on ABS equipped cars) therefore sacrificing performance. In addition, too many pistons or pistons that are too large will make the brake pedal much more difficult to modulate, which limits a driver's control of brake input on the race track.

Rotora's high performance brake system enables superior brake modulation while improving overall pedal feel to ensure equal distribution of weight transfer when braking. To achieve this proportional front-to-rear brake bias, Rotora's opposing piston calipers are fine tuned by increasing the clamp load to the optimal level while utilizing the stock master cylinder to retain overall front-to-rear brake bias. Rotora's full big brake system design delivers excellent initial bite, exceptional modulation, and consistent pedal feel for street and track use applications. All systems are ABS compatible and direct bolt on replacement with minimal modifications required. Rotora Kits are available with slotted or drilled and slotted rotors, with a choice of metallic blue or red paint.

Rotora Big Brake kits include the following:
  • Calipers
  • Brake Pads
  • Rotors
  • All necessary mounting hardware
  • Stainless Steel braided brake lines

  • Features:
  • Shorter Stopping Distances
  • Better Brake Modulation
  • Firmer Brake Pedal feel
  • Less Brake Fade
  • Increased pedal feedback
  • Painted Calipers

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BMW 540iMSRPPrice
(1996-2003) - 2-Piece - 4Piston - 355X32 Slotted Rotor (Metallic Blue)$2,595.00$2,495.19  Out of Stock
- 2-Piece - 4Piston - 355X32 Slotted Rotor (Red Caliper)$2,595.00$2,495.19  Out of Stock
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All Rotora Rear Slotted Big Brake Kits
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