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Dodge Rotora Front Drilled and Slotted Brake Rotor

Looking for that upgraded braking ability without the price of the big brake kits. Rotora's slotted and drilled rotors are double disc ground and mill balanced to ensure all OE specifications and provide maximum stopping power. Features: Dissipate heat away from the rotors to reduce warping "E-coated" (black) to prevent corrosion and increase life Double disc grinding ensures... More parallelism Mill balanced (withing 150 g-cm) to prevent vibration Cross drilled to reduce weight.

All Dodge Rotora Front Drilled and Slotted Brake Rotors
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Dodge 3000GTMSRPPrice
(Jun 1993-1999) VR4 - LEFT$240.00$195.00  Out of Stock
VR4 - RIGHT$240.00$195.00  Out of Stock
(1990-1999) GT, GT-SL - LEFT$185.00$150.31  Out of Stock
GT, GT-SL - RIGHT$185.00$150.31  Out of Stock
(1990-1993) VR4 - LEFT$198.00$160.88  Out of Stock
VR4 - RIGHT$198.00$160.88  Out of Stock
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Dodge ChargerMSRPPrice
(2006) RT (w/ vented rear disc) - LEFT$195.00$158.44  Out of Stock
RT (w/ vented rear disc) - RIGHT$195.00$158.44  Out of Stock
SE, SXT (w/ solid rear disc) - LEFT$180.00$146.25  Out of Stock
SX, SXT (w/ solid rear disc) - RIGHT$180.00$146.25  Out of Stock
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Dodge NeonMSRPPrice
(2000-2001) LEFT$157.00$127.56  Out of Stock
(2000-2003) LEFT$157.00$127.56  Out of Stock
(2000-2001) RIGHT$157.00$127.56  Out of Stock
(2000-2003) RIGHT$157.00$127.56  Out of Stock
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Dodge SRT4MSRPPrice
(2003) LEFT$185.00$150.31  Out of Stock
RIGHT$185.00$150.31  Out of Stock
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Dodge ViperMSRPPrice
(1992-2002) LEFT$160.00$130.00  Out of Stock
RIGHT$160.00$130.00  Out of Stock
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All Rotora Front Drilled and Slotted Brake Rotors
Rotora Front Drilled and Slotted Brake Rotor Reviews
  (9.6 of 10) 36 Reviews    Write Review
1004/23/2013RAV4This Brake Rotor for the supra is the best in exchange for the OEM from Toyota. Strong bite when braking on dry and wet days. The braking distance is much shorter when using ceramic brake pads. No stacking the braking friction heat as in the originals.
812/20/2011Z3Rotora drilled and slotted rotor is easy to install, looks good in my wheels and works well. I paired them with Cool Carbon pad and stopping power is more than OEM and less break dust. Few minus points: 1) Cooling fin is not directional and it should be allowed to be installed both way for slot direction, but factory sticker came with one direction. (which I followed) 2) Black painted part should prevent rusting, but the paint easily come off with break cleaner when cleaning grease off rotor surface. 3) Felt like friction sound is a little louder. Maybe because of drilled holes and slits. Other than that, I am happy with the product.
1005/25/2011PathfinderExcellent Part and Service. Excellent Delivery
1005/25/2011PathfinderExcellent Parts and Excellant Order Process and Delivery
903/15/2011RAV4This part looks good and stopt good
911/08/2009350ZExcellent Quality & Fitment
1010/30/2009SonataGreat product
1010/30/2009SonataGreat product
36 Reviews

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