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Acura Russell Stainless Brake Lines

All Acura Russell Stainless Brake Lines
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All Russell Stainless Brake Lines
Russell Stainless Brake Line Reviews
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1003/10/2013CivicGreat product. Easy install; perfect OEM fit. Stiffened up the break peddle as advertised. In use about a year now with no problems. Thanks for providing quality products.
1011/21/2007CivicEasy to install with minimal vehicle knowledge. The most difficult part is bleeding the brakes after install. The brakes are firmer. Exactly what I expected.
1011/13/2007EclipseVery easy install
1004/14/2007F-250 PickupGreat kit. Came with everything needed, and fit like a champ. This set will take 30 minutes (w/o the bleed), look awesome, and take that mushy brake feel away. Stay away from 3 line kits and go with this 5 line!
802/11/2007PreludeThe lines themselves appear to be well constructed and looked very good. The front installed easily and fitment was almost perfect. The rear were a mild hassle to get in, and have a bit of a harsh angle when secured to the mounting points. You can move the hose around inside the bracket to keep the bends a gradual as possible, but it still looks a little sharp. I haven't had them on long enough to comment on longevity, but they do feel better than OE rubber lines. Aside from rear fitment, my only complaint about the kit is it doesn't include new crush washers. Honda charges over $3 per washer (8 are needed), and most parts stores don't cary them. I did eventually find some for $3.50 a pair, which means you have to add that to the cost of the lines no matter where you buy them
912/14/2006MiataOverall a great improvement great pedal feel never had such braking performance before I am extremely happy worth every penny, Thanks! guys great service.
901/08/2006MR2Affordable and good fitment. Easy install.
811/27/2005MR2The Russell lines were pretty easy to install. The OEM clips didn't fit perfectly, so I had to find some that did. It'd be nice if the lines came with clips that fit. Otherwise the lines do their job well and I've been happy with them.
1010/12/2005Suburban 1500
808/21/2005CRXThe lines are a little long but I think that has something to do with that the car is lowered quite a bit. The went on very well though seem to be great quality and they made the brake pedal feel a lot better.
13 Reviews

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