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Chrysler SPEC Domestic Stage 3 Clutch Kits

For your heavily modified domestic engine. This clutch offers sufficient daily drivability with a comfortable pedal feel and quick engagement. Offers good wear characteristics under low and high stress usage.

High clamp pressure plate, 4 or 6 puck carbon semi-metallic friction with high torque sprung hub and disc assembly, bearing and tool kit. 6 puck is standard on most applications, but 4 puck can be specified when ordering.

All Chrysler SPEC Domestic Stage 3 Clutch Kits
View All Chrysler Conquest Clutch Kits
Chrysler ConquestMSRPPrice
(1983-1987) 2.6L non-intercooled$339.00$305.10  Add to Cart
(1985-1987) 2.6L$339.00$305.10  Add to Cart
(1987-1989) 2.6L 425 FT LBS$369.00$332.10  Add to Cart
View All Chrysler LeBaron Clutch Kits
Chrysler LeBaronMSRPPrice
(1982-1986) 2.2,2.6 - Non-turbo$349.00$314.10  Add to Cart
(1982-1985) 2.2,2.6L - Turbo$369.00$332.10  Add to Cart
(1986-1989) 2.2,2.5L - Turbo$369.00$332.10  Add to Cart
2.5L - Non-turbo$369.00$332.10  Add to Cart
(1987-1989) 2.2L - Non-turbo$349.00$314.10  Add to Cart
(1990) 2.2,2.5L$365.00$328.50  Add to Cart
3.0L$365.00$328.50  Add to Cart
(1991-1992) 2.2L - Non-turbo$355.00$319.50  Add to Cart
2.2L - Turbo$359.00$323.10  Add to Cart
(1991-1995) 2.5,3.0L$359.00$323.10  Add to Cart
View All Chrysler PT Cruiser Clutch Kits
Chrysler PT CruiserMSRPPrice
(2000-2003) 2.0L 435FT LBS$499.00$449.10  Add to Cart
(2003-2005) 2.4L - turbo$499.00$449.10  Add to Cart
View All Chrysler Sebring Clutch Kits
Chrysler SebringMSRPPrice
(1995-2001) 2.0L 435FT LBS$499.00$449.10  Add to Cart
(1997) 2.4L 435FT LBS$499.00$449.10  Add to Cart
(2001-2002) Clutch Kits$599.00$539.10  Add to Cart
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All SPEC Domestic Stage 3 Clutch Kits
SPEC Domestic Stage 3 Clutch Kit Reviews
  (9.5 of 10) 4 Reviews    Write Review
1007/29/2010ProbeTook a while to break in but works great now. Would recommend it to others in the future.
906/17/2007FieroSeems to work fine. Still breaking it in. Car is 86 Fiero 4 speed with a 429hp 383 chevy still udergoing minor install issues.
905/08/2007Escortthis thing is taking abuse of over 470 hp at 4700 on track and street, with not one problem and over 4,000 miles to date. great product highly recomend!!! factory fit and great performance A+++++++
1009/03/2006FieroNo problem installing this unit, has great grabbing power, the only thing is that it has some chatter but what do you want its a performance clutch i love it- Josh

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