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Saab SPEC Euro Stage 4 - 3 Pad Clutch Kits

STAGE 4 - Serious Road Racing & Drag Racing Clutch!! This Spec Clutch kit features high clamp pressure plate with your choice of a 3 pad or 6 pad copper ceramic disc. This Spec disc is a 2-piece rigid design to deliver sharp aggressive engagement. This style of engagement is ideal for racing where quicker shifts are required to beat the competition. The Spec disc are also lightweight for better performance since the disc is unsprung. This Spec Clutch kit is excellent for race cars with higher output engines. Torque capacity is the same between the 3 & 6 pad. The 3 pad will give you quicker shifting. Most Spec clutch kits include release bearing, pilot bearing and alignment tool (if applicable).


All Saab SPEC Euro Stage 4 - 3 Pad Clutch Kits
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Saab 900MSRPPrice
(1979-1985) 2.0L S$409.00$354.38  Add to Cart
(1981-1984) 2.0L turbo to 10/85$409.00$354.38  Add to Cart
(1985-1991) 2.0L S, 16V$419.00$363.04  Add to Cart
(1985-1989) 2.0L Turbo fr 11/85$419.00$363.04  Add to Cart
(1990-1993) 2.0L turbo$469.00$406.37  Add to Cart
(1991-1993) 2.1L S,16V,Conv.$419.00$363.04  Add to Cart
(1994-1998) 2.0L$509.00$441.02  Add to Cart
(1994) 2.3L $509.00$441.02  Add to Cart
(1994-1998) 2.3L >eng#R129243$639.00$553.66  Add to Cart
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(1986-1989) 2.0L non-turbo$469.00$406.37  Add to Cart
(1986-1993) 2.0L turbo$489.00$423.69  Add to Cart
(1990-1993) 2.3L turbo$629.00$545.00  Add to Cart
(1991-1993) 2.3L non-turbo$469.00$406.37  Add to Cart
(1994) 2.3L non-turbo$639.00$553.66  Add to Cart
(1994-1998) 2.3L turbo$659.00$570.99  Add to Cart
(1995-1998) 3.0L$659.00$570.99  Add to Cart
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(1969-1975) Clutch Kits$339.00$293.73  Add to Cart
(1976-1981) 2.0L ALL$419.00$363.04  Add to Cart
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All SPEC Euro Stage 4 - 3 Pad Clutch Kits
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