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Saab SPEC Euro Stage 5 Clutch Kits

Types of Driving: Drag, Pulling

For extremely modified drag race and pulling engines, or applications that call for a slipper clutch/progressive torque-induced engagement. These clutches are best ordered as custom configured and should be ordered after providing specific information about the car and it's purpose to a SPEC technical assistant. Not street-friendly due to harsh engagement.

High clamp pressure plate (adjustability available on some applications), rigid iron disc assembly, bearing and tool kit.

All Saab SPEC Euro Stage 5 Clutch Kits
View All Saab 900 Clutch Kits
Saab 900MSRPPrice
(1979-1985) 2.0L S$509.00$458.10  Add to Cart
(1981-1984) 2.0L turbo to 10/85$509.00$458.10  Add to Cart
(1985-1991) 2.0L S, 16V$519.00$467.10  Add to Cart
(1985-1989) 2.0L Turbo fr 11/85$519.00$467.10  Add to Cart
(1990-1993) 2.0L turbo$569.00$512.10  Add to Cart
(1991-1993) 2.1L S,16V,Conv.$519.00$467.10  Add to Cart
(1994-1998) 2.0L$609.00$548.10  Add to Cart
(1994) 2.3L $609.00$548.10  Add to Cart
(1994-1998) 2.3L >eng#R129243$739.00$665.10  Add to Cart
(1994-1995) 2.5L S,SE$999.00$899.10  Add to Cart
View All Saab 9000 Clutch Kits
Saab 9000MSRPPrice
(1986-1989) 2.0L non-turbo$569.00$512.10  Add to Cart
(1986-1993) 2.0L turbo$589.00$530.10  Add to Cart
(1990-1993) 2.3L turbo$729.00$656.10  Add to Cart
(1991-1993) 2.3L non-turbo$569.00$512.10  Add to Cart
(1994) 2.3L non-turbo$739.00$665.10  Add to Cart
(1994-1998) 2.3L turbo$759.00$683.10  Add to Cart
(1995-1998) 3.0L$759.00$683.10  Add to Cart
View All Saab 93 Clutch Kits
Saab 93MSRPPrice
(1955-1959) .8L$469.00$422.10  Add to Cart
View All Saab 95 Clutch Kits
Saab 95MSRPPrice
(1959-1968) .8L$469.00$422.10  Add to Cart
View All Saab 96 Clutch Kits
Saab 96MSRPPrice
(1960-1968) .8L$469.00$422.10  Add to Cart
View All Saab 99 Clutch Kits
Saab 99MSRPPrice
(1969-1975) Clutch Kits$439.00$395.10  Add to Cart
(1976-1981) 2.0L ALL$519.00$467.10  Add to Cart
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All SPEC Euro Stage 5 Clutch Kits
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