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Isuzu SPEC Import Stage 1 Clutch Kits

Looking for that stock feel in a stronger clutch? SPEC has created a great stage 1 clutch with the drive-ability of the stock clutch but able to handle more torque than the stock clutch.

High clamp pressure plate, steel-backed and multi-compound woven organic material and high torque sprung hub and disc assembly, bearing and tool kit.


All Isuzu SPEC Import Stage 1 Clutch Kits
View All Isuzu I-Mark Clutch Kits
Isuzu I-MarkMSRPPrice
(1985-1989) 1.5L non-turbo$179.00$161.10  Add to Cart
(1987-1989) 1.5L turbo$299.00$269.10  Add to Cart
(1988-1989) 1.6L DOHC$339.00$305.10  Add to Cart
View All Isuzu Impulse Clutch Kits
Isuzu ImpulseMSRPPrice
(1983-1987) 1.9L$239.00$215.10  Add to Cart
2.0L$239.00$215.10  Add to Cart
(1985-1989) 2.0L turbo$299.00$269.10  Add to Cart
(1988-1989) 2.3L$239.00$215.10  Add to Cart
(1990-1991) 1.6L$299.00$269.10  Add to Cart
(1991-1992) 1.6L turbo$319.00$287.10  Add to Cart
(1992) 1.8L$319.00$287.10  Add to Cart
View All Isuzu Stylus Clutch Kits
Isuzu StylusMSRPPrice
(1991-1993) 1.6L$299.00$269.10  Add to Cart
(1992-1993) 1.8L$319.00$287.10  Add to Cart
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All SPEC Import Stage 1 Clutch Kits
SPEC Import Stage 1 Clutch Kit Reviews
  (8.3 of 10) 7 Reviews    Write Review
803/10/2013PaseoIt tastes delicious!!!
202/18/2013CorollaBought it for my Toyota Corolla XRS, it had great grip BUT couldn't even handle the stock motor, it fell apart in 10 months.
803/04/2008Impulseinstalled with no problem, can see a clear improvement in the engagement of this clutch over stock
1005/24/2007SupraGrabs a tiny bit better than stock, But the car seems quicker than stock, I guess the weight or part balancing, Otherwise It's Awesome!
1004/11/2006I-MarkThe difference in the OEM clutch and the Spec stage 1 is amazing. The clutch is no harder to push down and is easier to drive. The car engages into the gears real smooth with no shutter or weird sounds. The Spec stage 1 clutch is a great investment for anyone looking to buy a performance clutch that will last the full life of the car.
1002/20/2006Protegei love this produce and would highly recomend it to anyone who wants a sporty clutch.

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