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Scion SPEC Import Stage 3 Clutch Kits

Types of Driving: Street, Drag, Drift, Road Race, Rally, Pulling, Autocross

For heavily modified street and race engines. Offers sufficient daily drivability with a comfortable pedal feel and quick engagement. Offers good wear characteristics under low and high stress usage.

High clamp pressure plate, 4 or 6 puck carbon semi-metallic friction with high torque sprung hub and disc assembly, tool kit and some include throw out bearing. 6 puck is standard on most applications, but 4 puck can be specified when ordering.


All Scion SPEC Import Stage 3 Clutch Kits
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(2004-2005) 2.4L 485FT LBS$439.00$395.10  Add to Cart
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(2004-2005) 1.5L$359.00$323.10  Add to Cart
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(2004-2005) 1.5L$359.00$323.10  Add to Cart
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All SPEC Import Stage 3 Clutch Kits
SPEC Import Stage 3 Clutch Kit Reviews
  (8.9 of 10) 36 Reviews    Write Review
502/11/2013CivicGood clutch better than oem.
1002/09/2013StarionThe Stage 3 clutch functioned as it was intended to be. Installed the same as any other clutch, used the tool lined it up and tighten the pressure plate. Power gains and vehicle performance did increase, due in part because the motor was smoking other clutches, or breaking discs. The clutch outlasted one motor, a broken piston and two head gaskets (a couple years). Drivability is an interesting subject, if you are forced to drive it every day, stay away from traffic at least sitting in it for long periods of time. The clutch becomes very grabby, because it’s hot and the constant engaging an disengaging will give you whip lash. For the starion, it has a hydraulic clutch the feel is great. Take into consideration, it does allow some slip, remember the traffic issues noted above, but offers a good balance the hotter in friction it gets the more it bites. I used the vehicle for test and tune sessions on the drag track and played with it on the street. Yes on more than a few occasions it was my daily driver 30min back and forth to worth. Been there done that. It is a great clutch and will not do you wrong.
907/05/2011SupraExcellent quality, very good performance, im very happy with the product! Installation went very well, pedal feels almost like stock, just a little stiffer. One bad note: a little noisy, but I can live with it! Thanks!!
1005/25/2010SkylineThis product is amazing. Rips through first and second. It was a pain to get in because my engine doesn't belong to my car. But other than than it bolted right up, and work wonderfully!
807/05/2009SwiftThe clutch/pressure plate were perfect.Fits well works well.The only thing was that on the web site they said 4 or 6 pucks so I ordered a 6 pucks but received a 4 because they only made a 4 pucks for my application.
705/07/2009Protegei would purchase another one of these. the pedal feel is enough to know that it is performance but not so bad it breaks your leg. it does chatter for a lil while but once it is broke in it is decent. i have a turbo protege 92 with the 1.8. with some other mods and it is holding up well.
1004/09/2009MirageSmooth engagement
901/07/2009SupraIt is a great clutch and holds the power well. It would be harsh to use for a daily driver street car, But that can be expected :)
808/03/2008EclipseClutch grabs hard. There is a little noise when cruising off throttle, but I am also still breaking in.
1002/01/2008240SXBest street clutch ever!!!
36 Reviews

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