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SPEC Truck and SUV Stage 4 - 6 Pad Clutch Kits

For heavily modified Truck and suv engines or engines of any modification level being used in the above driving environments, where an instantaneous engagement and light weight are beneficial. Not street-friendly due to harsh engagement.

High clamp pressure plate, 3,4 or 6 puck carbon semi-metallic friction with high torque rigid hub and carrier assembly, tool kit and some include throw out bearing.


All Ford SPEC Truck and SUV Stage 4 - 6 Pad Clutch Kits
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Ford F-150 PickupMSRPPrice
(1955-1964) 4.4,4.8L 11in$405.00$379.69  Add to Cart
(1962-1977) 4.9,5.0L to Y80000 $374.06  Add to Cart
(1967-1976) 6.4L 11.5in$425.00$398.44  Add to Cart
(1968-1976) 5.9,6.4L 11in $374.06  Add to Cart
(1977-1982) 4.9,5.0L Fr Y80001$389.00$364.69  Add to Cart
(1977-1980) 5.8L$519.00$486.56  Add to Cart
(1977-1982) 6.5L$399.00$374.06  Add to Cart
(1980-1982) 5.0L 4X2$360.00$337.50  Add to Cart
(1981-1982) 3.8,4.2L$360.00$337.50  Add to Cart
5.8L$389.00$364.69  Add to Cart
(1983) 3.8L$349.00$327.19  Add to Cart
4.9L hydraulic$349.00$327.19  Add to Cart
4.9L mechanical$369.00$345.94  Add to Cart
5.0L$369.00$345.94  Add to Cart
5.8L$369.00$345.94  Add to Cart
(1983-1987) 7.5L Stripped$369.00$345.94  Add to Cart
(1984-1986) 4.9,5.0L$369.00$345.94  Add to Cart
(1984-1989) 4.9,5.0L$349.00$327.19  Add to Cart
(1984-1986) 5.8L$349.00$327.19  Add to Cart
(1984-1987) 5.8L$369.00$345.94  Add to Cart
(1987) 4.9L$389.00$364.69  Add to Cart
5.0L$379.00$355.31  Add to Cart
(1987-1998) 7.5L 12.25 upgrade$549.00$514.69  Add to Cart
(1988-1993) 4.9L 4sp$389.00$364.69  Add to Cart
(1988-1992) 4.9L 5sp$349.00$327.19  Add to Cart
4.9L 5sp - For trucks with GVW under 8500LBS$360.00$337.50  Add to Cart
(1988-1993) 5.0L 4sp$389.00$364.69  Add to Cart
(1988-1992) 5.0L 5sp$349.00$327.19  Add to Cart
(1988-1993) 5.8L 4sp$389.00$364.69  Add to Cart
(1988-1992) 5.8L 5sp$349.00$327.19  Add to Cart
(1993-1994) 4.9L 5sp$399.00$374.06  Add to Cart
4.9L 5sp - For trucks with GVW under 8500LBS$369.00$345.94  Add to Cart
(1993-1998) 5.0L 5sp$399.00$374.06  Add to Cart
(1993-1994) 5.8L$399.00$374.06  Add to Cart
(1995-1997) 4.9L$399.00$374.06  Add to Cart
(1997-2002) 4.2L$499.00$467.81  Add to Cart
4.6L$499.00$467.81  Add to Cart
(1999-2002) 5.4L$569.00$533.44  Add to Cart
6.8L V-10$495.00$464.06  Add to Cart
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All SPEC Truck and SUV Stage 4 - 6 Pad Clutch Kits
SPEC Truck and SUV Stage 4 - 6 Pad Clutch Kit Reviews

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