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Mazda SPEC Truck and SUV Stage 5 Clutch Kits

For extremely modified Truck and SUV engines, or applications that call for a slipper clutch/progressive torque-induced engagement. These clutches are best ordered as custom configured and should be ordered after providing specific information about the car and it's purpose to a SPEC technical assistant. Not street-friendly due to harsh engagement.

High clamp pressure plate (adjustability available on some applications), rigid iron disc assembly, tool kit and some include throw out bearings.


All Mazda SPEC Truck and SUV Stage 5 Clutch Kits
View All Mazda B-Series Clutch Kits
Mazda B-SeriesMSRPPrice
(1971-1976) 1.6L B1600$459.00$413.10  Add to Cart
(1977-1979) 1.8L B1800$449.00$404.10  Add to Cart
(1979-1984) 2.0L To 10/84 B2000$579.00$521.10  Add to Cart
(1981-1985) 2.2L Diesel B2200$459.00$413.10  Add to Cart
(1985-1987) 2.0L from 11/84 B2000$489.00$440.10  Add to Cart
(1987-1993) 2.2L B2200$489.00$440.10  Add to Cart
(1987-1989) 2.6L B2600$499.00$449.10  Add to Cart
(1989-1993) 2.6L B2600$599.00$539.10  Add to Cart
(1994) 2.3L B2300$469.00$422.10  Add to Cart
3.0L B3000$499.00$449.10  Add to Cart
(1994-1998) 4.0L B4000$479.00$431.10  Add to Cart
(1995-1997) 2.3L B2300$549.00$494.10  Add to Cart
(1998-2002) 2.5L B2500$559.00$503.10  Add to Cart
(1999-2001) 4.0L B4000$519.00$467.10  Add to Cart
View All Mazda MPV Clutch Kits
Mazda MPVMSRPPrice
(1989-1992) 2.6,3.0L all$599.00$539.10  Add to Cart
View All Mazda Navajo Clutch Kits
Mazda NavajoMSRPPrice
(1991) 4.0L$475.00$427.50  Add to Cart
(1992-1994) 4.0L$479.00$431.10  Add to Cart
View All Mazda Pickup Clutch Kits
Mazda PickupMSRPPrice
(1969-1973) 1.6L$449.00$404.10  Add to Cart
(1973-1974) 1.8L$429.00$386.10  Add to Cart
(1974-1977) 1.3L$519.00$467.10  Add to Cart
(1974-1976) 2.0L$489.00$440.10  Add to Cart
(1975-1983) 2.2L$489.00$440.10  Add to Cart
(1980-1984) 2.2L Gas & Diesel$429.00$386.10  Add to Cart
(1980-1988) 2.4L non-turbo$429.00$386.10  Add to Cart
(1982-1986) 2.0L$465.00$418.50  Add to Cart
(1982-1997) 2.4L$449.00$404.10  Add to Cart
(1982-1986) 2.6L$469.00$422.10  Add to Cart
(1983-1989) 2.0L Fr 1/83$449.00$404.10  Add to Cart
(1983-1990) 2.0L MightyMax 2wd$465.00$418.50  Add to Cart
(1983-1986) 2.3L Turbo Diesel$449.00$404.10  Add to Cart
(1984-1985) 2.5L Diesel$429.00$386.10  Add to Cart
(1985-1987) 2.4L Turbo to 5/87$459.00$413.10  Add to Cart
(1986-1996) 3.0L$539.00$485.10  Add to Cart
(1987-1988) 2.4L Turbo fr 6/87$499.00$449.10  Add to Cart
(1988-1996) 3.0L$499.00$449.10  Add to Cart
(1989-1996) 2.4L$469.00$422.10  Add to Cart
2.4L 22RE,2WD$559.00$503.10  Add to Cart
(1990-1995) 3.0L$569.00$512.10  Add to Cart
(1993-1996) 2.4L 4WD$499.00$449.10  Add to Cart
(1996-2000) 2.7L$569.00$512.10  Add to Cart
3.4L$629.00$566.10  Add to Cart
View All Mazda Tribute Clutch Kits
Mazda TributeMSRPPrice
(2001-2002) 2.0L$499.00$449.10  Add to Cart
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All SPEC Truck and SUV Stage 5 Clutch Kits
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