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Hyundai ST Suspensions Sway Bars

When tuning your vehicles suspension, there are many ways to change your vehicles handling characteristics. Springs, Dampers and alignment all play huge parts in affecting how your vehicle handles, but no component has as drastic effect on your body roll as the Anti-Swaybars without adversely affecting your ride quality.

To the average enthusiast, the installation of a ST Anti-Swaybar or Suspension Techniques Anti-Swaybar Complete Kit will result in a drastic reduction in the boat-like feel that many vehicles have with the factory or even mildly tuned suspension. By increasing the rate of the front, rear or both bars over the factory units, the ST Anti-Swaybars, your body roll will be reduced giving you more confidence on long sweeping corners, on and off ramps, as well as in emergency maneuvers.

For the Advanced Suspension Tuner, many ST Anti-Swaybars are built with additional adjustability either in the bar itself with multiple end link mounting points, or adjustable heim joint end links to tune in or out any undesirable handling characteristics of your current suspension setup such as over-steer or under-steer.

ST Anti-Swaybars available for the front and rear separately or in complete vehicle kits for a large range of vehicles. Each ST Anti-Swaybar is designed and produced in-house at our California facility and are constructed from high quality steel for precision performance, and powder coated for durability. All necessary high grade mounting hardware and bushings, as well as full instructions are included in each and every kit for simple installation.

For selected applications, ST offers the best anti-sway bar / lower tie brace combination kit on the market. By integrating an adjustable lower tie brace to tighten and strengthen the rear lower sub-frame with a rear anti-sway bar featuring adjustable end-links, these kits can be set up for street or race applications. With the added benefits of urethane bushings, anodized brackets, complete hardware, and easy to follow installation instructions, this innovative ST suspension solution is the ultimate handling upgrade for your import performance vehicle.

All Hyundai ST Suspensions Sway Bars
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All ST Suspensions Sway Bars
ST Suspensions Sway Bar Reviews
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708/15/2013Accord6 Month Update: Changed from a 10 to a 7. The bar rubs on the power steering line and once it was metal on metal it started squeaking. By the time I located the squeak it had actually worn quite a bit of the PS line, didnt go through. Also the paint is flaking with large chunks. Even adjusting it as far from the line as possible isnt a fix. I bent my PS line about 1/4" over and now it clears.Great bar. Installed quickly and easily. The only thing I would be careful of is if you want it on a smooth DD you dont want stiff springs. The front end is super stiff now with my mild coilovers. My car used to be rather smooth on the streets and now its a bit stiffer than I would like. Matched it with a Progress rear bar. Works great on the track though, car is solid.
902/16/2013SupraGreat quality and ease of installation. Can deffinetly tell the difference in handling and steering response around corners. Would recomend these swaybars to anyone interested in upgrading there suspension.
708/18/2011280ZXPaint is a bit on the flimsy side, but overall fairly solid. Take care when installing to match the spacer sizes for the end links and installation is very easy. On my 280ZX the fitment was perfect, end result was much more neutral steering. The bushings are very high quality and install easier. However, I would recommend having someone help you install the end links it speeds it up quite a bit. Most importantly I found high speed cornering the most enhanced, I didn't notice it as much under slower speeds and hard turns. Body roll was very much reduced so for any Nissan Z car I recommend this product. For the money I paid for it, I think the value is tremendous compared to other manufacturers.
911/16/2010AccordThis is a great product at a great price I have yet to install the coilovers and i still noticed a huge difference in cornering ability and stability of the overall ride. 98 accord
811/24/2009EclipseThe parts themselves are very well made. The rear sway bar was very easy to install, the front however, is a different matter. It is not installed in place of the OE sway bar. It goes underneath the subframe and control arms and works WITH the OE. I was only able ti figure this out after contacting HPF and ST and receiving a diagram on how it is installed. But now that they are installed, they work great. I have no body roll what so ever.
1003/22/2009Eclipseway easy to install, very stiff and keeps me flat in the corners. A+ part
1012/24/2008SupraThis product is great and i highly recommend them. I have almost Zero body roll. Installation was relitivly easy. The front sway bar is so big i had to have a friend hold it up with both hands while it bolted it on :) Only had these sway bars on a short period of time but i think they will last and take all the abuse.
1009/09/2008CelicaExcellent! I am even more pleased after they took back half of the order after I realized it wasn't for my vehicle. Bottom line, very understanding and cooperative ppl. Thanks alot :)
1007/02/2008Protegeperfect fit looks great high quality
1006/15/2008CRXEasy install with suplied hardware. I have this on 1990 civic hatchback aswell. Improves handling
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