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Chevrolet Seibon Carbon Fiber - OEM Hoods

All Chevrolet Seibon Carbon Fiber - OEM Hoods
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All Seibon Carbon Fiber - OEM Hoods
Seibon Carbon Fiber - OEM Hood Reviews
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102/09/2013CorollaFirst of all, the poor rating has nothing to do with HPF. Chris and his team stand behind the products they sell: they're committed to service excellence, as they've always don't blame HPF for the poor rating. I knew I was buying a "Carbon Fiber" hood that was really just a fiberglass hood with a single layer of CF fascia, that wouldn't fit, and wasn't bonded well. I bought it full well knowing this. I could have built my own molds and built a real CF hood, but it would have cost me much more money and time than just making this hood fit and making sure it was safe to put on the car. I'll give it a couple positives: 1) it is much lighter than the stock hood, 2) the Cost/Benefit exercise of making my own lost on the simple fact that I could make this one fit and look better for much cheaper, and 3) It looks great with paint on can't even tell it's a fiberglass hood from 2' away.
906/29/2008PreludeFits pretty dang good

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