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Snow Performance Variable Water Methanol Injection Controllers

Already have a Snow Performance Stage 2 gasoline Boost Cooler? Snow Performance offers you the option to upgrade just the controller to make your Stage 2 system into a Stage 3.

Extremely easy to set up and dial in - the software creates a delivery map from just a few easy to set start and full points you punch in.

The green LCD Screen displays boost pressure, fuel injector duty cycle, as well as water-methanol injection percent. Quick, easy, positive adjustments are made with 2 push buttons. Low profile design allows for easy-to-view and discrete mounting.

Upgrade includes:
  • Green LCD Screen, Pushbutton Digital Variable Mapping Controller
  • Comprehensive Instructions

Universal Snow Performance Water-Methanol Injection Controllers
Gasoline - Stage 3 Upgrade$400.00$380.00  Add to Cart
MCVC Controller$184.21$175.00  Add to Cart
MPG MAX UPGRADE (with nozzle and controller, etc)$541.58$514.50  Add to Cart
Stage 3 Diesel Controller$400.00$380.00  Add to Cart
Stage 3 Diesel Controller MPG MAX$415.79$395.00  Add to Cart
VC MAF Universal$215.79$205.00  Add to Cart
VC-100uc Outright$215.79$205.00  Add to Cart
VC-100uc Upgrade in kit$42.10$40.00  Add to Cart
VC-25/MAF$184.21$175.00  Add to Cart
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