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SpeedHut Legacy Quad Gauge with Speedometer Zoom

SpeedHut Legacy Quad Gauge with Speedometer

Our new Legacy GPS Speedometer(with or without turn signals and high-beam) and Quad combo does not require a transmission sensor to operate making installation very easy in vehicles which lack electronic sensor output or for individuals wanting the simplest speedometer hook up.

Features included
  • *Optional - Left and right turn signals and high beam integrated into speedo. Speedometer has 3 wire leads exiting back of speedometer that when attached to 12volts from turn signal relay or headlight relay will turn on corresponding LED.
  • Odometer and Resettable trip
  • 5 Htz update for fast needle response and accuracy
  • Display 0-60 Time and distance in feet.
  • Display 1/4 mile time and speed.
  • Show elevation
  • Peak Recall max speed during run
  • Current direction heading
  • Accurate GPS Clock
  • Current Speed in LCD
  • Hot start satellite acquisition allows GPS speedo to function within 2-3 seconds of power up

Easy hook up- requires only power, ground and lighting and GPS accurately displays speed. included 15' long antenna cord to route antenna to convenient location in corner of dash.

Quad Gauge features
  • All 4 gauges are microprocessor controlled for accurate gauge readings.
  • All gauges are a full 180 degree sweep gauge movement. Much easier to read accurately than the 90 degree gauges that are available.

Programmable fuel level features
  • Works with ALL OEM fuel senders. Set empty and full for your particular sender.
  • Fuel level senders sold separately if needed.
  • Settable low fuel warning LED.

Oil psi features
  • Uses pressure transducer sender included (.5-4.5Volts).
  • Settable warning oil psi LED.

Water temp gauge features
  • Measures temperatures from 120-260F. Sensor included.
  • Settable waring LED for water temp.

Volt gauge
  • Monitors battery voltage from 6-18 volts.
  • Settable voltage LED.

Gauge peak recall (high and low max condition) (excludes fuel level gauge)

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Legacy 4inch GPS Speedometer (w/turn signals)-Quad Oil psi, Water temp, Fuel Level, Volts$508.65  Add to Cart
Legacy 4inch GPS Speedometer and Quad Oil psi, Water temp, Fuel Level, Volts$488.65  Add to Cart
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