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The R35 GT-R is undoubtedly an amazing machine, but any machine is only as strong as its weakest link. For the R35, that weak link is the brake rotor. Under intense driving conditions, the OE rotor just can't step up and handle the abuse that the GT-R was designed to dish out. The last thing you want to see after an amazing day of driving is a cracked rotor.

The Stillen/AP Racing Curved Vane Rotors feature a curved-vane core (48 vanes) which allow for better thermal management, providing improved cooling over the OE pillar vane design. They also have 12 curved slots which improve pad bite and not prone to cracking under severe use, which the OE rotors are plagued by.

Customers soon realized this flaw and started seeking out an aftermarket upgrade. Stillen has teamed up with AP Racing to offer an upgraded rotor that mounts to the OE brake hats. The Stillen/AP rotors outperform OE Rotors in every way and have been track proven on tracks such as The Nurburgring, Silverstone and more. The icing on the cake? These rotors come in at a lower cost than the OE units.

  • Top quality, proprietary iron alloy with multi-stage thermal processing.
  • Curved-vane core (48 vanes) for better thermal management under extreme use. More expensive to make, but improved cooling over the OE pillar vane design.
  • Available in both Slotted and J-Hook Patterns (not drilled!) to improve pad bite and resist cracking under severe use.
  • Precisely balanced at high RPM for smooth operation at any vehicle speed.
  • Friction faces finished on the latest generation twin-turning equipment, better DTV (Disc Thickness Variation) and less runout than typical double-disc grinding machines.
  • Includes fresh hardware for track-day confidence every day.

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Nissan GT-RMSRPPrice
(2009 and up) Front- J Hook$1,349.75$1,204.40  Add to Cart
Front- Slotted$1,349.75$1,202.40  Add to Cart
Rear- J Hook$1,349.75$1,169.75  Add to Cart
Rear- Slotted$1,349.75$1,204.00  Add to Cart
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