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Synapse Missing Link Check Valves

Synapse Missing Link eliminates the use of numerous check valves for a clean show quality, professional appearance. It eliminates MAP sensor related check engine lights for all forced induction Acuras and Hondas. The Missing Link smoothens vacuum to boost transition, eliminating MAP sensor related misfires and protects the MAP sensor from damage due to boost operation outside the sensor's specifications. Missing Link is easy to install and comes with all necessary hardware.

Universal Synapse Check Valves
Replacement Filter for Missing Link Valves$5.95$5.00  Add to Cart
All Acura Synapse Missing Link Check Valves
View All Acura Integra Check Valves
Acura IntegraMSRPPrice
(1990-1993) B18 $64.95  Add to Cart
(1994-2001) B18 $64.95  Add to Cart
All Honda Synapse Missing Link Check Valves
View All Honda Accord Check Valves
Honda AccordMSRPPrice
(1990-1993) F22 $64.95  Add to Cart
(1994-2002) F22 $64.95  Add to Cart
View All Honda Civic Check Valves
Honda CivicMSRPPrice
B16a2 $64.95  Add to Cart
(1988-1991) D16/B16 $64.95  Add to Cart
(1992-2000) D16/B16 $64.95  Add to Cart
View All Honda Prelude Check Valves
Honda PreludeMSRPPrice
(1992-1996) H22/H23/F22 $64.95  Add to Cart
(1997-2001) H22 $64.95  Add to Cart
View All Honda S2000 Check Valves
Honda S2000MSRPPrice
Check Valves $64.95  Add to Cart
All Mitsubishi Synapse Missing Link Check Valves
View All Mitsubishi Eclipse Check Valves
Mitsubishi EclipseMSRPPrice
(1995-1999) 420A $64.95  Add to Cart
Synapse Missing Link Check Valve Reviews
  (7.8 of 10) 4 Reviews    Write Review
1001/25/2011CivicWorks the way it should.
1011/07/2009Accordmust have fo turbo cars. i aint reading no bs code
110/30/2009The check valve was easy to put on but my car ran better without it. While it was on the car my A/F ratio was out the roof. I was getting readings from 15.5-17.3 A/F. After I pulled it back off I was getting 11.7-12.01. I reinstalled it and attempted to tune it but the best I could get was around 15 A/F. Now it sits in my toolbox at work.. 96 Dodge Neon DOHC, T3/T4 Turbo @ 12psi

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