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The TCI Transmission Control Unit is fully-programmable, and can be run as a standalone unit even with a non-computer controlled engine, or in conjunction with OEM or aftermarket engine computers such as the FAST XFI system. The TCI Transmission Control Unit will work with most GM, Ford, and Chrysler electronically-controlled automatic transmissions*, and includes a wide array of tuning options including load, gear, rpm and speed-based programming all of which can be adjusted by simply connecting the unit to any Windows based pc or laptop. Its ability to communicate with the FAST XFI fuel injection system and other compatible CAN 2.0b devices means that the TCI Transmission Control Unit uses a simpler, easier to install wiring harness than most other aftermarket transmission controllers. The TCI Transmission Control Unit includes easy to use T-Com software, which allows simple plug and play transmission operation via several built-in programs, as well as custom tuning and programming, data logging, and fault diagnosis. A multitude of digital inputs and outputs, analog inputs, and speed inputs and outputs allows the TCI Transmission Control Unit to be custom tweaked to fit any requirement, such as steering wheel-based button shifting in a drag race application, or manifold pressure-based shift firmness in a turbocharged application.

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