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TOMEI Adjustable Cam Gear

    Super Light Duralumin
    The A2017 Duralumin Ally was chosen for it's super light weight properties.

    Unique Design That Stands Out in the Engine Bay
    Designed in 3D CAD it will add the finishing touch to your showroom style performance car.

    Superior Accuracy
    Both the pulley and the gear sections were manufactured by precision methods. This helps secure a firm fit position from the transmission drive to the timing belt.

    User Friendly Adjustable Scale Meter
    Great consideration was taken into account in making life simple with an easy to follow adjustable scale meter for everyone to understand.

    Super Tough and Anodized
    High durability in contact areas with the timing belt has been greatly enhanced by giving the industry's first product to have hard anodized color applied to the surface of the pulley and gear. If the gear parts durability is low, deviation occurs in timing with friction, the strange noise causes the decrease of efficiency.

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