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Subaru TOMEI Procam Cams

The Tomei Procam series are for the serious users who need results when every millisecond counts. These will deliver the added power and are made for increased performance from mid to high end RPM.
Definitely not for the faint of heart!!

Will require professional installation and setup.

  • In pursuit of the most suitable profile

  • The cam profile is designed to have the best opening and closing timing for optimum valve function to maximize performance gain.

  • In pursuit for the highest quality

  • Tomei's products are designed and made from the industry's best materials available and with world class CNC camshaft grinders. With precision accuracy to the last micron, you can rest assured that you own the best quality camshaft when you obtain a Tomei Powered Camshaft.

  • Suitable for high RPM Conditions

  • Tomei ascertained that the best performance results are at 4,000-10,000RPM and have set the duration and lift accordingly.

All Subaru TOMEI Procam Cams
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Subaru STiPrice
(1999-2000) GDB JDM Spec EJ207 - Intake 256-9.8mm$400.00  Add to Cart
GDB JDM Spec EJ207 - Exhaust 256-9.8mm$400.00  Add to Cart
GDB JDM Spec EJ207 - Exhaust 260-10.0mm$400.00  Add to Cart
GDB JDM Spec EJ207 - Intake 250-9.6mm$400.00  Add to Cart
(2004-2007) Exhaust 252-10.4mm$400.00  Add to Cart
Exhaust 270-10.8mm$400.00  Add to Cart
Intake 270-11.0$400.00  Add to Cart
ntake 252-10.4mm$400.00  Add to Cart
(2008 and up) Dual AVCS Exhaust 256-10.8mm$400.00  Add to Cart
Dual AVCS Intake 260-9.8mm$400.00  Add to Cart
Dual AVCS Exhaust 260-10.8mm$400.00  Add to Cart
Dual AVCS Intake 270-11.0mm$400.00  Add to Cart
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All TOMEI Procam Cams
TOMEI Procam Cam Reviews
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1004/17/2009Skylinepart arrived perfect!!A+++++ thanks! my beast is in the making!
1004/17/2009Skylineexcellent product!a+++

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