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TOMEI Forged H Beam Connecting Rods

Tomei's forged connecting rods have been known for their strength to keep your engine from failing when you have a lot on the line for a race or just your highly tuned street machine. Get yours now for no regrets!

  • H-Beam

  • The selection process between both I-Beam and H-Beam designs are usually decided upon the weight, buckling strength and production costs. Tomei chooses to aim for overall strength while maintaining a light weight design.

  • The Key to Forging and Real Performance

  • The key factors in making the strength in forged connecting rods lies in the "metal flow"(or fiber flow).
    The forging process ensures that the connecting rod is capable of high stress loads at high RPMs when the tension can exceed 1 ton.
    The key points of the metal flow is to have the metal flow all in the same direction to maximize strength.

  • SNCM439 Metal

  • SNCM439 Material is normally only used specifically when considerably high rigidity is required. High strength conditions are key elements for the connecting rod for supporting a highly efficient turbocharged engine. Nickel is also added for extra tension.

  • Nock Pin

  • To help prevent burns where the metal connects to one another, a knock bottle is inserted in the bolt hold to help reduce any gaps between the face of the rod side and cap side. This keeps a more secure fitting.

  • Real Strength

  • When the rigidness is not sufficient enough at the large end, the metal housings can deform, which can cause metal burns. In order to guarantee overall strength where the rod is connected, the large end was made smoother and the "shoulder form shape" was adopted.

  • Structure of Small End

  • Extra Oil Hole Further Increases Lubrication Efficiency
    The oil cap bush now has 2 holes for oil to enter for lubrication. This bush experiences high load while providing an oil hole from the top of the bar when the upper piston pin is pressed down while the connecting rod rises. So this section can experience metal fatigue, now being stronger and able to lubricate more helps with higher power output potential.

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(1992-2007) 4G63- 150mm$680.00$625.60  Add to Cart
4G64- 147mm$680.00$625.60  Add to Cart
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(2003-2006) VQ35DE- 154.2mm$1,020.00$938.40  Add to Cart
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(1989-2002) 119.5mm for RB28 Stroker$1,020.00$938.40  Add to Cart
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(2002-2007) WRX EJ20/EJ25- 130.5mm $680.00  Add to Cart
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4AG Engine $680.00  Add to Cart
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(1986-1992) 1JZ-GTE- 125.25mm$1,020.00$938.40  Add to Cart
(1993-1998) 2JZ-GTE- 142mm$1,020.00$938.40  Add to Cart
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